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Secret of Happiness in Old Age (Must Read)

Secret of Happiness in Old Age (Must Read)

Once the famous Greek philosopher Socrates went to a city while traveling. There he met an old gentleman. After talking for a while, they got along quite well with each other. The old gentleman urged Socrates to come to his residence. Socrates agreed and came to his house. Old gentleman had a full family, many…

Socrates Stories - Astrologer Prediction n Socrates Reply Interesting Story

Socrates Stories – Power of Conscience

Once Greek’s famous philosopher Socrates was talking to his disciples. At same time, an astrologer arrived there and claimed that he could tell a person’s character by looking at the face. Then Astrologer looked at Socrates and said, “Shape of nostrils tell that this person have anger issue..” Listening to this Socrates disciples got angry…

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