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Cab Driver and Customer Conversation

Cab Driver and Customer Conversation

Shyam came out of airport and started waiting for his cab which he had already booked. He was worrying about if cab will come on time and take him to destination on time.. Just then a shiny new looking car stopped near him. Seeing that Shyam wondered for a moment whether if it was the…

Employee Complain to Boss - Way to Work n Progress

Employee Complain to Boss – Way to Progress

Once two childhood friend, Sonu and Monu went to look for job. Both applied in same company and luckily both were selected for job. Both were hard working. After working for few months Sonu got promotion while Monu didn’t get any. Boss was fond of Sonu and always kept him near. Monu saw this and…

Few Grains of Wheat - Rich Man Test

Few Grains of Wheat – Rich Man Test

Long ago, a rich man lived in a small village. He had four sons. With passage of time rich man grew old and thought about deciding who should be made heir of his wealth. To make this decision, he summoned four sons gave few grains of wheat to each of his son and said, “I…

Smart Work Short Stories - Hard Work vs Smart Work Winning Short Story

Smart Work – Lumberjack Competition

In a town, every year an annual lumberjack competition was held. The rule for the competition was simple, who ever cut the most tree at the day end would be the winner. This year there were only two people in the final. One was old and experienced lumberjack while another was younger and stronger lumberjack….

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