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Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur and Raja Ram War Story

Guru Tegh Bahardur Ji and Raja Ram Story

On one of his travels, Guru Tegh Bahadur met a King named Raja Ram Singh. There was conflict going in eastern territory of Assam and Raja Ram was asked to solve the matter. Raja Ram asked Guru Tegh Bahadur, “You are true Guru. I beg for your help. My army can take care of them…

Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago Story - Guru Nanak Dev Ji Stories in English

Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago Story

Guru Nanak Dev JI used to travel to a number of places. Once he was on his way to Saidpur, before he could arrive there, word spread in whole city that a holy man is going to visit. Malik Bhago who was chief of town at that time was a corrupt person and earned a…

Stories of Guru Nanak Dev Ji - True Inspiring Stories about Doing Good

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Story – True Profit

Guru Nanaki ji father knew that Nanak ji like to communicate with people. So he decided that if Nanak ji was to learn anyway to earn money, it can be done through trading. So one day, Guru Nanak’s father gave Bhai Bala twenty rupees and said, “Go with Nanak and buy some good from market…

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