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Spiritual Enlightenment Short Stories - Objective World Zen Moral Stories

Best Spiritual Enlightenment Stories..!! (Must Read)

Story 1: I want to Find GOD..!! Once a Master living in solitude was meditating by river side. One Young man came to know about that and thought of going to meet him. So, One day young man came to him and said, “Master, i wish to become your disciple because I want to find…

How to be a Good Learner - Zen Learning Stories for Life Lessons

How to be a Good Learner!!

Story 1: Professor Question.. A university professor came to a Japanese master to Question About Zen. Japanese master greeted him. Before they could start to talk about Zen Japanese master invited professor for tea. At the table both were sitting in front of each other. Master started to serve tea for professor while pouring tea…

Everything Changes - Inspirational Zen Stories in English fr Life

Everything Changes!!

Story 1. Once upon a time in a village lived a old farmer who used to work very hard. He had a horse. One day his horse ran away. After hearing this his neighbor came to him and said, “Such bad Luck”. Farmer replied, “Maybe.” Very Next morning the horse returned with three other wild…