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Best Short Moral Stories - Heart Touching Short Story of Father and Son

Best Heart Touching Father Son Story – Inspiring

One evening, a son took his father to a restaurant. After getting seated there. Son called waiter and ordered food. Father was old and weak because of this while eating food, his father dropped food on his short and trousers. While son was calming having food with father, other diners sitting there looked at them…

Zen Master Stories - Judging Others Short Moral Stories for Kids to Learn

Judging Other’s – Zen Master Stories..!!

Story 1: Try to See Yourself..!! Once Japanese master said to his disciples, “When you look at your companions, try to see yourself..” One of disciple questioned, “But Master.. Isn’t that an awful selfish attitude?? If we see ourselves in everyone, we will always be just concerned about ourselves and we will never be able…

King Alexander The Great Last Words - Ultimate Truth of Life Moral Story

Alexander the Great Last Wishes..!!

After conquering many kingdoms, when Alexander was returning home, on way back to his country he fell ill and his disease took him to his death bed. While on death bed he longed to be able to meet his mother before he die. But he knew that his illness will not give him enough time…

Value of Sharing and Caring Best Moral Stories for All in English to Share

Value of Sharing..!!

Once in a town lived a very greedy rich man. Rich man ordered to build a big safe and he wanted to fill it will gold and jewels. So, one day he hired a mathematician to find the best way for him to make the greatest profit in everything he did. Mathematician studied for months…

Deep Meaning Moral Stories - Saint Teaching to Student Best Short Stories

Deep Meaning – Way to Make Life Better..!!

Once a man went to saint and said, “I desire to make my life better and beautiful. Please tell me Way by which I can make my Life better.” Saint had things kept beside him. He picked up some cotton, one candle and one needle from those things and gave it to man. After giving…

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