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Basket of Feathers - Always Think Before You Speak

Basket of Feathers – Always Think Before You Speak

Once a farmer got in fight with his neighbor. During fight farmer got so angry that he said many bad and rude things to his neighbor. After some time, farmer realized his mistake and wanted to take his words back but didn’t know what to do. Just then he got to know that a saint…

Teacher Question to Boy - Different Perspective

Teacher Question to Boy – Different Perspective

A teacher was teaching mathematics to a six year old child. She asked, “If i give you an orange and an orange and an orange to keep then how many oranges will you have in your bag?” Within moments boy confidently replied, “Four.” Teacher was disappointed to hear the answer because she was expecting a…

Money is Your but Resource is of Society - Life Lesson

Order What you can Consume – Life Lesson

Germany is a highly industrialized country. In such a country, many will think its people lead a luxurious life. Once a group of men, colleagues from a company arrived at Hamburg, Germany. When they arrived they were all hungry, so they all looked for a near by restaurant. It was on walking distance. They walked…

Value of Pen - JRD Tata and his Friend Life Lesson about Carelessness

Value of Pen – Life Lesson

JRD Tata had a friend who used to misplace and lose his pen very often. He used very cheap pens so that he need not to worry about losing them. Friend told JRD Tata that he was worried about his carelessness habit. One day, JRD suggested him to buy the costliest pen, he could afford…

Sharing and Caring for Others - Friendship Moral stories for Kids

Caring for Others – Moral Story for Kids

Once lived a girl named Geeta, seven years old and only child of her parents. Her parents never refused her anything and because of this she became arrogant and spoiled child. One day, her mother noticed that her daughter was not liked by neighbor kids, they wouldn’t play with her. She also got to know…

Chinese Fable Stories in English - Husband Wife Story with Moral Lesson

Wise Wife – Chinese Fable Story

Once in state of Wei lived a man named Leya. He was married to a very angelic and virtuous woman. He loved and respected her wife a lot. One day, When Leya was returning home, on his way he found a piece of gold. He was delighted to see it. He picked it up and…

How to Donate Stories - God Loves Cheerful Giver Beautiful Short Story

How to Donate – Boy’s Donation

Once in a city lived a man with his family. He was very religious and used to teach his son everything he knew about religion and it’s importance and was bringing up his son as perfectly as possible. Man decided to test, what his son has learned until now. One day when they were going…

Cat Dog Story - Self Help is Best Help Story, Never Leave Work on Others

Cat and Dog Moral Story

One day a cat was walking down the street and suddenly a big and scary dog came in front of it out of nowhere. Cat got scared and tried to run away but dog was fast and caught the cat. Cat begged to dog for mercy and asked him to let it go but dog…

King and Sage Stories - Everyone is Beggar Best Moral Stories Lesson

Sage and King Story – Everyone is Beggar

Once there was a king who got badly hurt in a battle. No doctor was able to treat his wound well. After some day, a sage was visiting that kingdom. King got to know about him and invited him to his palace. Sage went to palace and King was completely healed by Sage’s touch. King…

King and Fisherman Story - Teaching Lesson to Corrupt Gatekeeper

Fisherman Story – Greedy Gatekeeper..!

Once a King wanted to organize a grand feast. He had got all kind of dishes prepared but there was one specific fish which he couldn’t get. So he made an announcement in kingdom that whoever brings that fish to palace then he would be rewarded handsomely. Many fisherman tried but couldn’t find that fish….

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