Traveler Turban Cost – Exploiting Others Weakness

King Court and Traveler Turban Cost - Exploiting Others Weakness

Once a traveler from far away place came to King’s court. Traveler seemed rich with dignified personality. He was wearing big and beautiful turban. No one in country had seen such turban, everyone in court started to talk about his turban as it was very colorful and was decorated with bright little things. King also … Read more

Using All Your Strength – Father Son Motivational Story

Using All Your Strength - Father Son Story

Once a young boy and his father were walking along a forest path. At one point, they came across a large tree branch on the ground in front of them. Seeing that, boy asked his father, “If i try, do you think i could move that branch?” Father replied, “I am sure you can, if … Read more

King and Old man Story – Expectations

Moral Stories for Expectations - Deep Meaning Encouraging Short Stories

Once in a winter time, King was roaming outside his palace. At night when he was entering his palace, he saw an old man at the entry gate of palace. When King got close he saw that he was an old man who was wearing very thin cloths which were not even warm. King was … Read more

Boy Learned Judo – Strength or Weakness

Short Story about Strength and Weakness - Inspirational Stories for Kids

A 10 year old boy wanted to learn Judo but he lost his left arm in an devastating car accident. Despite the fact that he lost his arm he was determined to study judo and went to master and requested him to teach judo. Boy began his lessons with an old Japanese Judo master. Even … Read more

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