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Cost of Repair!! Company Owner n Engineer

Cost of Repair!! Company Owner n Engineer Story

Once a giant ship’s engine broke down. No one from company could repair it. So, company owner hired a mechanical engineer with over 40 years of experience, to check and repair it. Engineer came and inspected engine very carefully, from top to bottom. After checking, he unloaded his bag and pulled out a small hammer….

Guru and Disciple Story - Respecting One's Feelings

Guru and Disciple Story – Respecting One’s Feelings

Once during a summer, a disciple was going to his village after taking a week-long leave from his guru. He was to walk all the way back to his home. After walking for half day, he felt thirsty and started looking for source of water around him. Soon he found a well and drew water…

Money or Prestige! Scholar Choice - Story for Adults

Money or Prestige! Scholar Choice – Story for Adults

A scholar named Bukhari used to live in Saudi. He was known for his honesty. Once he embarked on a long voyage by sea. Before starting journey, he kept a thousand dinars with him for his journey. During journey, Bukhari met other travelers and made friends with them. Bukhari shared his wisdom and knowledge with…

Respect Others Story - Bull and Rich Man Moral Story about Respect

Respect Others – Bull and Rich Man Story..!

Once upon a time, In city, a certain calf was born and was bought by high class rich man. Calf was well bred for strength. Rich man got very fond of gentle animal and took good care of him and fed him only the best. When Bull grew up, he thought to himself, “I was…

Earn Respect Moral Stories - Little Boy n Wise Old Man Inspirational Story

Little Boy Race – Earn Respect

Once in village lived a little boy who was very athletic and for whom winning was most important. One day, that boy participated in running competition held in village. In that competition he competed with other two young boys. Race commenced, crowd cheered and waved at him. Boy called on his determination and strength, he…

Short Story about Respect - Witch and Knight Short Moral Stories to Learn

Respect – Old Witch and Knight..!

Once there was a very noble name Arthur who was captured by his neighboring king. Enemy could have killed him but Enemy king knew that he was very wise and noble king. So he offered him freedom but on one condition. He would have to figure out an answer and even if after an year…

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