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Farmer and Boulder in Field Story - Problems in Life

Farmer and Boulder in Field Story – Problems in Life

Once in a village lived a farmer who used to work in a big field. In middle of his field there was boulder stuck in land which used to get in farmer’s way while working. Farmer would work cautiously around that boulder but still there were time he would stumble because of that boulder and…

Priest and Money Lender - Deep Meaning Trust God Story

Priest and Money Lender – Deep Meaning Trust God Story

Long ago in a village lived a priest used to stay at local temple and had a little daughter. Once he earned 500rs and thought of saving that money for his daughter’s wedding. So he went money lender shop in village and deposited that money to him. After few years when his daughter turned eighteen,…

Using All Your Strength - Father Son Story

Using All Your Strength – Father Son Motivational Story

Once a young boy and his father were walking along a forest path. At one point, they came across a large tree branch on the ground in front of them. Seeing that, boy asked his father, “If i try, do you think i could move that branch?” Father replied, “I am sure you can, if…

Price of Miracle - Little Girl Heart Touching Story

Price of A Miracle – Little Girl Heart Touching Story

Tess, eight year old girl, who heard her mom and dad talking about her little brother, Andy. All she could understand was that her brother was very sick and her parents were completely out of money. Her parents were talking about how costly surgery was and it was looking like there was no one to…

Supervisor and Worker Story - Thank God for Good Things in Life Moral Story

Supervisor and Worker Story – Amazing Life Lesson

Once in a city, at construction site of a building, construction supervisor who was on 6th floor had to tell something to a worker working on ground floor. He called him many times but because of construction noise, worker on ground couldn’t hear him. Than to get workers attention, supervisor threw a ten rupee note…

Knots in Relationships - Buddha Teaching for Happy Life

Knots in Relationships? Buddha Teaching

Once Buddha came to preach his disciples. He had a beautiful piece of cloth (like handkerchief) in his hand. Disciples were surprised as it was very unusual to see Buddha with anything in his hands. When Buddha was addressing everyone, he started tying knots in that piece of cloth. After tying four to five knots…

Interesting Story - Farmer Worry Helper Response n Work in Farm Story

Farmer Worry – Interesting Story

Once a farmer owned a land along Atlantic sea coast. It was a difficult for farmer to do all the work alone. So he would constantly advertise to hire someone for help. Most people were reluctant to work on farms there because of dreaded awful storms occurring across ocean, wreaking havoc on buildings and crops….

Dervish Stories - Sufi Saint Inspirational Best Short Interesting Moral Story

Dervish Lost in Desert Story

Once there was a wandering dervish (members of a Sufi fraternity) was lost in desert and was starving. He had nothing with him. As he was walking along an old pathway in desert, in search of something to eat, he found an empty sack that had been thrown there on road by previous passer by….

Two Parrots Story - Why do we Fail Interesting Motivational Moral Story

Two Macaw Parrots Story.! Motivational

Once upon a time, There was a King who was gone to visit neighboring kingdoms. He was gifted a pair of baby Macaw (parrots) by King of last kingdom he visited. King loved the gift as they were the most beautiful birds he had ever seen. Upon returning the kingdom, King called for a bird…

Two Brothers Moral Story - Interesting Classic Short Stories with a Twist

Brothers Story – Tit for Tat..!!

Once in a village lived tow brothers Arun and Varun who used to live together. One day they got in a fight and decided to divide everything. Arun was elder and cunning where as Varun was simple minded. After all things were divided. Brothers were left with Blanket, cow and Mango tree to be divided….