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Guru Gift to Disciple - Magic Mirror Story

Guru Gift to Disciple – Magic Mirror Story

Once Guru of a gurukul was greatly impressed by service of his disciple. After completion of education, when disciple was about to leave, his Guru gave him a mirror as blessing. It was not any ordinary mirror. It was a magic mirror which had ability to show true thoughts of any person’s mind and heart….

Father Reply to Complain..! Change in Thinking

Father Reply to Complain..! Change in Thinking

In train, two kids were playing, jumping on seats, running here and disturbing all other passengers in compartment of train. Their father was sitting near by lost in some thoughts. In between, children would look at their father, he would respond with smile and then again kids would get busy with their mischief. Passengers of…

Little Kid Question to Father - What is Size of God

Son Question/ Sparrow Request – Very Short Stories

Story 1: Little Kid Question to Father! Once a little boy asked his father: What is size of God?” His father looked up in the sky and seeing an airplane, he asked his son, “What’s size of that airplane?” Boy replied, “It is very small. I can barely see it.” After this, his father took…

Sinful Man Deeds - Story about Judging Others

Sinful Man Deeds – Story about Judging Others

Once in a kingdom, it was habit of a King to disguise and make visits, to keep check on needs of his people. One day while he was out with his minister, he reached edge of city where he saw a man lying. King saw that many people passed by but no one came to…

Incident between Indian Man and Britishers on Train

Incident between Indian Man and Britishers on Train

A train was running at high speed. In a compartment, an Indian man was also sitting with the Britishers. All Britishers were making fun of that Indian man. Some were laughing at him seeing his dress and calling him coward, while some were getting angry and shouting, cursing at the management that why an Indian…

Woodcutter and Eagle Story for Kids - Helping Other and Misunderstanding Moral

Woodcutter and Eagle Story for Kids

One day a woodcutter was passing through the forest. At one place, he saw an eagle trapper in a trap placed there by a hunter. Woodcutter felt pity toward that eagle. He checked around to see if hunter was near by and then seeing no one he ran toward trapped eagle and freed him from…

Who is Good Who is Bad Stories for Adult

Who is Good? Who is Bad?

This story is from time of Mahabharata, When Guru Drona Acharya (Master) was teaching Pandavas and Kauravas. One day Acharya thought of testing his disciples. He called Duryodhana (Kaurava) and said, “Do one thing, go and search for a good man and bring him to me.” Duryodhana said, “Ok. I will leave right now and…

Indian King Jai Singh and Rolls Royce Famous Story abt Jugding Others

Indian King Jai Singh and Rolls Royce Story

One day, during his visit to London, King Jai Singh was walking around Bond Street in casual dress. There he saw Rolls Royce showroom and went inside. There he looked at cars and then inquired about price and features of cars. When Salesman looked at him and saw his casual Indian Attire, he considered him…

Clever Boy Story - Man and His Lost Donkey Moral Story Judging Others

Lost Donkey – Clever Boy Story

Once a man was going to market with his donkey who was carrying two sacks of rice. After a while, man stopped on his way to rest under a tree. He tied his donkey near that tree. Rope was loosely tied. When he woke up from his nap, he couldn’t find his donkey around. Man…

Spiritual Enlightenment - Archbishop and Saints Divine Awakening Story

Archbishop and Saints – Spiritual Enlightenment

Once a Archbishop became very much annoyed because of three people who had become known as saints and used to lived on small island. Archbishop got very jealous and angry that without sanction these people were started to known as saints and thousands of people were going to island to get their blessings. One day,…

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