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Postman and Old Woman - Heart Warming Story

Postman and Old Woman – Heart Warming Story

“Amma, your son has sent money order.”, said postman to old lady sitting outside her house. Seeing him, Amma’s eyes sparkled. She said, “Son! Let me first talk to my son..!” Amma was looking at him with hopeful eyes but postman tried to avoid it and said, “Amma, i don’t have so much time that…

Stories of Guru Nanak Dev Ji - True Inspiring Stories about Doing Good

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Story – True Profit

Guru Nanaki ji father knew that Nanak ji like to communicate with people. So he decided that if Nanak ji was to learn anyway to earn money, it can be done through trading. So one day, Guru Nanak’s father gave Bhai Bala twenty rupees and said, “Go with Nanak and buy some good from market…

Swami Vivekananda Life Stories - Stories About Humanity n Compassion

Poor Man Kindness.! Swami Vivekananda Story

Once Swami ji was for a stay in Rajasthan. When people got to know about him they started coming to him. Swami ji was tirelessly answering questions of everyone who was coming to him. This way three days and night passed. Swam Vivekananda ji was so involved in talking to people about spiritual matters that…

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