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Old Man With Three Bundles and Young Man Story

Old Man With Three Bundles and Young Man Story

Long time ago, in a kingdom, after wandering here and there in search of work, a young man was returning home disappointed, when a voice came from behind, “Can i find any laborer here?” Young man looked back and saw an old man standing there carrying three bundles. Young man replied, “Yes! I will do…

Dishonest Milkman - Moral Story for Kids

Dishonest Milkman Loss!

A milkman used to live in a village. He had ten cows whose milk he used to sell after going to city. Everyday he had to cross village river to reach city. He used to cross river by boat and after selling milk to his customers, he would back to his village by that boat….

Little Boy Stealing Sweet - Story with Moral Lesson

Little Boy Caught Stealing Sweet – Story with Moral Lesson

Once in a village, lived a little boy with his mother. His Mother use to sell cow’s milk to near by houses to make living. Little boy was good and used to help his mother with her work. One day, boy with his mother went to village temple. There, sweets offering was made to God…

Cheating Moral Stories - Never Try to Cheat Others Moral Lesson for Kids

Jealousy and Cheating – Friends Moral Story

Once a poor boy Rohit got employed in a diamond shop. He used to live his mother and was very hard working and honest person. This impressed his employer and with in year boy got double raise in his salary. One day his childhood friend Anuj came to visit him from his village. While Rohit…

Every Effort Counts Short Stories - Importance of Working Together Story

Every Effort Counts..

Story 1: Little Bird’s Effort..!! Once a long time ago, a great fire occurred in the forest. All the people and animals living in the forest started to run to try to escape from fire. Among birds, an owl noticed a small bird who was flying back and forth between the nearest river and fire….

Salesman Motivational Stories - Honest Salesman Moral Stories for Kids

Salesman Honesty – Golden plate

Once upon a time, two salesman Sam and Tom came up together to far away town. They used to sell hand-made jewels. When they came to town they decided that one will sell in one part of town and other will sell in another part. Also, after one has gone through area once, other can…

Short Stories on Dishonesty - What Goes Around Comes Around Stories

Misery of Greedy Man..!! Stories about Dishonesty

Story 1: Worth of Lump of Gold..! There was a man who only cared about money. He didn’t even spend money to buy bare necessities of life. He collected a large sum of money. He spend all his money to buy a lump of gold. Man buried that gold in a secret place in his…

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