Father Son Story – Earning Money

Moral Lesson Stories - Father Son Valuable Lesson for Life Moral Story

Once in a city lived a very successful businessman. His only son who was still a young boy was lazy and fun loving. His son used to spend money with free hands and never even did any help in any work at home. Businessman wanted his son to learn about value of labor. So one … Read more

Graduation Day..! Father Son Heart Touching Story

Heart Touching Father and Son Story - Best Moral Stories to Learn Lesson

A young man pampered by his rich dad always, was going to graduate next week. Few weeks before he saw a very beautiful sports car in a showroom and wanted to get it was graduation gift from his dad. The day he saw that car in showroom, before coming back home he went inside and … Read more

Father Son Inspirational Story – Lifestyle

Father Son Inspirational Stories - Respecting Other's Lifestyle Moral Story

Once an old man living who used to live in small village who was invited by his son to visit Mumbai who was a successful businessman living with wife and son there. Old man was bit scared to go to city as he had spent most of his life at his birthplace in village. He … Read more

Story of Watermelon.! (Must Read)

Story of Watermelon - Best Moral Story about Life Learning and Education

Once there lived a boy in a village of Parra in Goa which was famous for its watermelons. Every year farmers would organize a watermelon eating contest at the end of every harvest season in May. Farmers used to invite kids from all over village to participate in the contest. Farmer would keep best watermelons … Read more

Broken Dreams – Sad Heart Touching Story

Heart Touching Stories for Parents and their Kids English Moral

Once a lived a very poor family.In family there was mother father and daughter. Father was the only person earning and it was just enough to fulfill basic need for them. Even when they didn’t had enough money he always used to dream about making his daughter best doctor in the world. He loved her … Read more

Inspiring Interview – Appreciating Others

Appreciating Others stories - Heart Touching Story of Mother Son

One day a young person who was academically excellent applied for manager’s post in big company. He passed written exam and then group interview. After this young man had to face final interview to be taken by company’s director. In final interview Director looked into young man CV and saw that young person did extremely … Read more

Teacher Student Conversation – Life Lesson Stories

Life Lesson Stories - Never Judge Anyone Short Story for Kids

“On a ship there was a pair of couple, suddenly ship met with an accident and couple had to run to life boat. After reaching there they realized that there was space only for one person. At that moment, husband pushed wife behind him and jumped on to lifeboat himself. His wife stood on sinking … Read more

Young Man Lost Opportunity!!

Short Story about Opportunity - Stories About Management

It’s a story of young man who wanted to marry beautiful daughter of farmer. He went to father to ask for permission to marry his daughter. Farmer looked at him and said, “I will allow you to marry my daughter but you have to fullfil one condition.” Further he continued and told him condition, “Son … Read more

Father Gift for Son – Heart Touching Father and Son Story

A young man was soon going to graduate college. For many months he used to admire a very beautiful sports car. He knew that his father can afford it so he told him that he wanted that car. As graduation day was near he awaited for signs that his father has bought that car for … Read more

Story of Boy and Girl Who Loved But..!!


It’s story of girl and boy who loved but..!! 10th Grade:- As I sat there in English class, I stared at the girl next to me. She was my ‘best friend’. I stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she was mine. But she didn’t notice me like that, and I knew it. After … Read more

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