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King and Two Parrots - Reason for Being Different

King and Two Parrots – Reason for Being Different

Once a King was going alone in the forest, riding on a horse. When he was passing by a hut, there he saw a parrot in the cage. On seeing King, parrot cried out, “Run.. Catch it.. Kill it… Snatch it’s horse… Take away his jewels.” King understood that he had come to bandit’s colony….

Value of Money Earned - Father Son Story

Value of Money Earned – Father Son Story

Long ago, lived a reputed merchant in a village who was blessed with a son after many years of his marriage. Son name was Chandra who was pampered by everyone in house. His every wish was fulfilled by his parents and family members. Time flew by. Chandra became a young man who never lacked anything…

Jungle School Result - School Curriculum and Kids Ability Test

Jungle School Result – Kids Ability Test

One day, King of Forest, Lion declared that no one in forest will remain illiterate from now on wards. Every animal must send it’s child to school. King opened a school, it became a reputed school. Children of different animals like elephant, lion, monkey, fish, rabbit, turtle, camel and many more started coming to school….

Racing Competition - Father Daughter Conversation

Racing Competition – Father Daughter Conversation

Teacher blew the whistle and 50 boys and girls started running on racing track made on school grounds. Every kid goal was to reach end of the field and then back to starting point. Whole race to get at least one of the first three place in and get awards. Kids parents were also present…

Little Boy Stealing Sweet - Story with Moral Lesson

Little Boy Caught Stealing Sweet – Story with Moral Lesson

Once in a village, lived a little boy with his mother. His Mother use to sell cow’s milk to near by houses to make living. Little boy was good and used to help his mother with her work. One day, boy with his mother went to village temple. There, sweets offering was made to God…

Learning from Mistakes Moral Stories - Example of Good Parenting

Scientist Childhood Story – Learning From Mistakes

Once a famous scientist was interviewed by a reporter. Reported asked him,”What do you think you set you apart from others?” He replied, “I think it all came from an experience that occured in my childhood. When i was 3 years old, i was trying to get a bottle of milk from refrigerator and while…

Beautiful Emotional Stories - Son Gift to Parents Heart Touching Story to Share

Emotional Story – Son’s Gift

An old couple used to live alone in their house. One day door bell rang. Old man got up and opened door. He saw that a postman was standing in front of him with an envelope and a postcard. Old man closed door and looked at envelope. On envelope in bold letter it was written…

Lesson for Parents Stories - Deep Meaning Story About Life and Learning

Young Man’s Beautiful Plant..!!

One Young man lived in neighboring house of an old retired man. They both used to love gardening and take care of their plants in the garden. Young man always wanted his garden to look better and best than old man’s garden. Once they both planted identical sapling in their garden. Young man used to…

Inspirational Stories for Parents - Best Stories on Power of Words for Kids

Results of Positive Vs Negative Words..!!

Once an eight year old boy Tom was playing in park, climbing tree and hanging around. While playing he got on top of 30 feet high tree, hanging on one of its branch and swinging back and forth. Boy was having fun and didn’t realize that branch could break. His cousin Jim, who was just…

Story of One Leg and One Arm Soldier - Sad Short Story

A Soldier’s Sad Heart Touching Story..

It’s story of a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in war. Before going home he called his parents. Soldier, “Mom dad, I am coming home but i have a favor to ask. I have a friend with me whom i want to bring home with me.” “Sure, We would love to…

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