Blind Husband – Heart Touching Love Story

Blind Husband - Heart Touching Love Story

A man married a very beautiful girl. After marriage they were living happily. Man admired her beauty and loved her very much. But after few months, wife came to know that she was suffering from a skin disease and because of that gradually she will lose her beauty. Knowing this, wife started thinking to herself, … Read more

Divorced Couple and Dinner at Restaurant..!

Divorced Couple and Dinner at Restaurant..! - Husband WIfe Story

Ken started to feel that his married life had become more of an obligation. Joy and passion were long gone and he had lost interest in his wife Rita. Soon, in his office he found a young girl who came to like him. With time he decided to divorce his wife. He told his wife … Read more

Anger or Love: Your Choice – Zen Master Rinzai

Anger or Love Your Choice - Zen Master Rinzai Story

Once there was great Zen master, Rinzai. He used to meet people at his place, where he used to meet people. One day a man came to him. Man was not in good mood and because of this when he entered Master’s room, he pushed and slammed door very hard. He removed his shoes and … Read more

Three Old Man – Story about Love

Story about Love - Three Old Man n Couples Choice Story wid Life Lesson

Once in a village, a woman saw three old man sitting outside her house. They were sitting there for quiet a while. Woman went outside and said, “I saw that you are sitting here for long, you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat.” Men asked, “Is man of the house … Read more

True Love – Valentine’s Special Story

Valentine Special Story - Girl and Boy Heart Touching Story abt True Love

Once a girl and boy fell in love. Girl’s parents weren’t too happy with this relation, So boy decided not only to court girl but her parents as well. In time, Girl’s parent realized that he was good man and agreed for their marriage. When parents agreed, another problem arised. Boy was in army and … Read more

Husband’s Love for Wife..!! (Must Read)

Once in a city, lived a man who was married to a very beautiful girl. Everyone in city would compliment him about his wife’s beauty. Seeing this wife felt proud and happy. Both started to live a happy married life. After some years, Wife got infected with a rare skin diseases. They consulted every doctor … Read more

Romantic Stories – Old Man Love..!!

Heart Touching Romantic Love Stories - Old Couple Best Short Love Story

Once in morning came an elderly gentleman in hospital. He came to get his stitches removed from his thumb. A nurse came to attend him. Nurse checked his vitals and told him to wait as it would be over an hour before doctor would be able to see him. While attending old man nurse noticed … Read more

Boy and Girl After Marriage

Boy and Girl After Marriage - Sad Love Stories in English Moral

A boy and girl loved each other very much. One day boy proposed girl. Girl asked, “What am I to you?” Boy thought for a momentĀ  and then looked into her eyes and said, “You are missing part of my heart.” Girl smiled and accepted his proposal. Soon they both got married and lived a … Read more

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