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Why One Should Keep Doing Good

Why One Should Keep Doing Good! (Must Read)

Many time in life we see that good people have to suffer and evil people get awarded. This story May help one to understand this a little. Narad Ji always used to roam around. One day he saw that a cow was trapped in a swamp in the forest. Cow tried a lot but couldn’t…

Rich Man Policy and Thief Story - How Karma Works

Rich Man Policy and Thief Story – How Karma Works

Once there was a Rich man who was very kind and believed in Dharma and Karma. Many people would come to him for loan and he would never refuse anyone. But he had a policy. His bookkeeper would ask person getting loan, “When will you return this loan In this Life or Next?” Honest person…

Justice of Nature - Taking Advantage of Pandemic!

Justice of Nature – Taking Advantage of Pandemic!

An incident during Kutch earthquake. Police was doing relief work of removing debris to look for any survivor buried under that debris and get them out. they were also taking out bodies of dead from debris. An old man was sitting outside the debris of a very big house. Police came, they found body of…

Why do we Suffer? Guru Disciple Story about Karma

Why do we Suffer? Guru Disciple Story about Karma

Why we got this life? Why do we suffer? One day, a Mahatma went to a walk with his disciple. Mahatma liked to speak less and do his work peacefully where as disciple was very agile. While walking, they were passing by a pond and there they saw that a fisherman was laying a trap…

Businessman and Dog Story - How Karma Works

Businessman and Dog Story – How Karma Works

Once a successful businessman was getting ready to go to his office. He got out of his house and reached his car. As soon as he opened door of his car, a stray dog who was sleeping under his car suddenly came out and bit on his leg. Businessman got very angry and quickly picked…

Karma Short Stories - Why we Suffer Interesting Deep Meaning Story for Adults

Karma Stories – Why do We Suffer?

The fruit of the unknown Karma…? Long time ago, a King invited Brahmans for Bhoj (feast). Bhoj was organized on large scale so the kitchen was set up outside in open area of palace. On day of Bhoj while Cook was preparing food for Brahmans, an eagle flew over that kitchen with a snake clutched…

Short Stories on Karma - Greed and its Result Three Friends Moral Story

Karma Stories – Three Friends..!!

Once in a village lived three friends who were not able to earn much money so one day they decided to go to city together to earn money. On decided day all three friends came prepared for the journey to city. After walking for two days on their way to city while walking through a…

Short Stories about Karma - Short Moral Stories for Children to Learn Good

Karma Stories – Lost Mobile.!

A 15 years old kid name sonu was returning home from play. On his way back home he saw a boy crying. Sonu asked boy, “Why are you crying?” That boy wiped his tears and sobbingly said, “I lost my new mobile. I am from a poor family yet my father bought me a mobile….

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