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Sewing Needle - Saint Gift to Rich Man Story

Sewing Needle – Saint Gift to Rich Man Story

Once a Saint visited a village. Richest man of that village came to pay obeisance at his feet. Rich man was very proud of his wealth. When rich man meet Saint, he said, “I would like to do some service for you. I have loads of money. I will fulfill whatever you ask.” Saint took…

Woodcutter and Yumdoot Story! Deep Meaning

Woodcutter and Yumdoot Story! Deep Meaning

Once lived a woodcutter who had turned seventy. He lived all his life carrying woods and was fed up of his life. Many times in his life he thought about dying. Many times he asked to God, “Why don’t you just kill me? What is the meaning of this life? Cutting wood everyday! Selling wood…

Short Stories about Life Struggles - Holy Man Advice Motivational Stories

Stories about Life Struggles.!

Story 1: Old Man Question to Holy Man..!! One day, an old man who’s son recently died in accident got to know about a holy man who was came to their village. Old man was very disturbed and sadden by demise of his son. He went to a holy man and said, “Can you help…

Funny Stories about Death - King and Dark Shadow Humorous Short Story

Dark Shadow Message to King.!

Once a king had a dream. In his dream he saw a dark shadow putting its hand on king’s shoulder. King was horrified to see that shadow. Suddenly shadow spoke, “You don’t need to worry or be scared. Usually we come without informing but because you were a great king, I have just come here…

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