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Rich Man n Two Dog - Giver or Receiver

Rich Man and Two Dog Story – Giver or Receiver?

Once there was a rich man who was owner of big factories. One day he closed his factories and all business and became a monk. Now, he only used to do devotional service to God and soon he became famous. People started coming to him to listen to his discourse. One day, he told his…

Three Brothers and Scholar Help Story - Way to Progress

Three Brothers and Scholar Story – Way to Progress

Once a scholar was passing through a village where his childhood friend used to live. He decided to visit his friend’s house. When he arrived at his friend’s house, he saw that his friend was living in poverty, along with his two brothers. Scholar met his friend and after a talking for a while. He…

Genghis Khan and his Friend Falcon Story - Think Before you Act

Genghis Khan and his Falcon Story

One morning, Genghis khan went out for hunting with his companions. His companions carried bows and arrows where as Genghis khan carried his favorite falcon on his arm. He knew that his falcon was much better than any arrow because it could fly into skies and see everything that a human being couldn’t. Despite the…

Man Lost in Desert Story - Leap of Faith Encouraging Moral Story

Man Lost in Desert Story

Once a man got lost in desert. Water in his flask had run out two days ago. He knew if soon he doesn’t find water, he will die surely. Just then man saw a small hut ahead. He thought it may be a hallucination but he had no other option. So, he moved forward in…

Mahabharat Story - Rukmani Question to Krishna abt Bheeshma n Karna

Rukmani Question to Krishna – Mahabharata Story

When Lord Krishna returned Dwarka, after battle of Mahabharata, his wife Rukmani questioned him, “Guru Drona and Bheeshma were such righteous people and had a lifetime of righteousness behind them. Why did you supported one’s killing them?” Lord Krishna replied, “Dear, you are right. There is no doubt that they both had a lifetime of…

Stories about Unusual Pets - Acting Sensibly With Nature Moral Lesson

Unusual Pet – Snake.!

Once in village a man used to live alone at home. He loved animals and wanted to keep a pet for himself. One day while walking by village cross road, he saw a little poisonous snake who was searching for food. Man liked it so much that he decided to keep it as his pet….

Story about Helping Others - People Facing Problems in Life Moral Stories

Helping Others – Mouse Trap.!

Once in a village at a farmer’s house lived a mouse. It caused a lot of trouble for farmer’s wife. One day mouse saw that farmer’s wife was opening a package. Mouse went near to see if it was of food. But it was devastated to found that it was a mousetrap. Scared mouse retreated…

Tit for Tat Short Stories - Clever Response to Tricky Situation Moral Stories

Short Stories – Tit for Tat..!

Story 1: Clever Reply..!! Once in a village lived a poor old man. He was poor so he had little money with him. One day he wanted to eat some sweets so he went to sweets shop market. There he stopped at a sweet shop and asked for some sweets. Sweet seller was cheat and…

Short Stories about Choices and Consequences - Prince Dwarf Moral Story

Prince and Dwarfs Story..!

Once upon a time.. In a kingdom king had two princes. They liked to play in forest. One day while playing in forest they came across four dwarfs who asked them to me more careful while playing in forest. Dwarfs asked them not to bother others while playing as… First dwarf had headache and wanted…

Positive Attitude Stories - Stories to Motivate Yourself, Choices in Life Story

Importance of Positive Attitude in Life..!

Once in a telecommunication company worked a guy Michael. He was the kind of guy who always used to be in good mood. He was like natural motivator. He was always there there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation. One day one of the co-employee Sam went up…

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