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Elderly Advice to Young Man - Be Careful

Elderly Advice to Young Man – Be Careful

There was small village on edge of forest. Forest surrounding village had many wild animals. That’s why it was very important for people of village to have knowledge of climbing trees, so that they could save their lives by climbing trees when faced with wild animals. An elderly who used to live in that village….

Sadhu and Young Man Story - Mantra of Success

Sadhu and Young Man Story – Mantra of Success

A Sadhu used to sit at side of river bank. He would sit there whole day, muttering and shouting in loud voice from time to time, “You will get, whatever you want.” People passing by would think of him as insane. They would listen to him and laugh at him. One day an unemployed youth…

Inspirational Story of World Best Shooter - Story of Will and Determination

Inspiring Story of Karoly Takacs

Karoly Takacs of the Hungarian Army, was top pistol shooter in the world for men’s 25 metre rapid fire pistol. He had won many national and international championship in shooting. He was preparing for Olympics 1940 and was expected to win Gold for his nation. But one day in 1938 during his army session a hand…

Short Stories about Achieving Goals - Importance of Harmony in Life Story

Way to Achieve Goal!! Short Stories

One day master was watching a practice session in courtyard. All students were doing their practices. Among all those students he noticed that there was one young man who was trying to perfect his technique but he is not able to work on that move properly and it seemed to master that young man was…

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