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Fox Sweet Talks to Crow - Dont be Deceived by Flattery Moral Story

Fox Sweet Talks to Crow..!

Once a fox was roaming around in forest looking for food. He looked everywhere but couldn’t find any food. Then, he looked up and saw a crow sitting on a…

Jackal and Drums - Short Panchtantra Tales in English

Two Short Panchtantra Tales with Moral

Story 1: Jackal and Drums..! Once upon a time, a jackal wandered away from his jungle and reached a deserted place. He was very hungry, so he started looking for…

Old Man and Horse Rider Conversation - Compassion Moral Stories

Old Man and Horse Rider Conversation

Long ago on a bitter cold evening, There was a group of riders sitting by river side. Beside them was an old man, who was waiting for a ride to…