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Stork and Farmer Story about Relying on Other for Work

Stork and Farmer Story about Relying on Other for Work

A pair of stork birds lived in a field near a village. Stork laid it’s eggs there. Eggs hatched, it was around time when crops in field were ripened. Stork got worried and wanted to leave with it’s children before farmer come to harvest fields but it’s children were too young to learn to fly….

Rabbits and Friends Story! Trust Yourself Only

Rabbits and Friends Story! Trust Yourself Only

A rabbit lived near a farm and had many friends. He would always play, talk and have fun with his friends. His days were passing happily and he always thought how lucky he was to have so many friends. One day, while playing on river bank, at some distance, he saw a lion which was…

Cat Dog Story - Self Help is Best Help Story, Never Leave Work on Others

Cat and Dog Moral Story

One day a cat was walking down the street and suddenly a big and scary dog came in front of it out of nowhere. Cat got scared and tried to run away but dog was fast and caught the cat. Cat begged to dog for mercy and asked him to let it go but dog…

Moral Stories for Expectations - Deep Meaning Encouraging Short Stories

King and Old man Story – Expectations

Once in a winter time, King was roaming outside his palace. At night when he was entering his palace, he saw an old man at the entry gate of palace. When King got close he saw that he was an old man who was wearing very thin cloths which were not even warm. King was…

Self Help is Best Help Moral Story - Story Teaching Important Life Lesson

Self Help is Best Help..

Once in a village lived a farmer who used to work from dawn to dusk. Once he planted his crops and soon after this a sparrow build her nest in between field. Just after sometime, sparrow laid two eggs. Soon two little sparrow came out of those eggs and started to live happily with their…

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