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Guru Gift to Disciple - Magic Mirror Story

Guru Gift to Disciple – Magic Mirror Story

Once Guru of a gurukul was greatly impressed by service of his disciple. After completion of education, when disciple was about to leave, his Guru gave him a mirror as blessing. It was not any ordinary mirror. It was a magic mirror which had ability to show true thoughts of any person’s mind and heart….

Cashier Mistake and Customer’s Dilemma

Once a man went to bank to withdraw some money. Customer filled form and gave to cashier. Cashier processed form and gave customer his withdrawn money. When customer took money, he realized that cashier had given him 1,40,000rs instead of 1,20,000 which he had filled in form. Customer saw that cashier had no idea of…

How Much Time Will it Take to Reach Saint Answer

How Much Time Will it Take to Reach? Saint Answer

One day a saint was sitting at the side of the road, when a man came up to him and said, “Sir, could you please tell me, how far away is the village? How long it will take to reach there?” Saint said nothing. He got up and gestured man to continue on his way…

Neither Bad nor Good - Zen Master Hakuin Story

Neither Good nor Bad – Zen Master Hakuin Story

Once Zen master Hakuin lived on outskirts of a village in Japan. He was very famous and has great reputation. Whole village respected him. Whenever he would go to village for alms, people would greet and welcome him and would give him many things. But one day everything changed. A young unmarried girl in village…

Old Thief Story - Self Awareness Lesson Taught to Young Man Short Story

Old Thief Lesson to Young Man.!

Once a man was known as master thief in kingdom. He was well known and famous all over kingdom. He was so much expert that nobody had ever been able to catch him. He would always leave marks so that people would know that he had stolen from there. He had stolen even from King’s…

Buddha and King Story - Be Yourself Self Awareness Buddha Short Story

Buddha and King Story..!

Once a great King decided to go meet Buddha for first time. His wife had been a lay-disciple of Buddha for long time even before she was married to King. When Buddha came to King’s capital, wife said to King, “It doesn’t look right that when a man like Buddha comes to your capital, you…

Problems in Life Moral Story - Sage and Travelers Wonderful Story abt Life

Problems in Life – Sage and Traveler Story

Once there was a famous sage who used to live up in Himalaya mountains far away at place where not many people would go. Still people who heard about him would walk up the difficult path to meet him. One day a group of travelers who went up on mountains, got to know about that…

Self Awareness Short Stories - Lion and Sheep Story with Moral Lesson

Self Awareness – True Potential..!

Once a pregnant lion died soon after giving birth. New born cub didn’t know what to do. Cub started to roam around just when it saw a herd of sheep. Seeing that little cub, mother sheep decided to raise it as its own. With time, that little cub grew up along with sheep and started…

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