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Placing Label on Someone - Teacher Lesson

Placing Label on Someone – Teacher Lesson

Once in a class, a student thought to play a prank on one of his classmate. He took a paper and wrote on it – I am Stupid and then he took that paper and stuck it on the back of his classmate, without getting noticed. When other students saw this, he asked them not…

Unique Exam - One's Responsibility in Family

Unique Exam – One’s Responsibility in Family

“Son! please go after you eat some food, you haven’t eaten anything since two days”,a helpless mother said to her son. “Look mother! I had asked for a bike when vacation starts and papa promised that he will buy me one after my exams end. Today is my last exam, tell sister that as soon…

Jungle School Result - School Curriculum and Kids Ability Test

Jungle School Result – Kids Ability Test

One day, King of Forest, Lion declared that no one in forest will remain illiterate from now on wards. Every animal must send it’s child to school. King opened a school, it became a reputed school. Children of different animals like elephant, lion, monkey, fish, rabbit, turtle, camel and many more started coming to school….

Interesting School Story - Solution for Lipstick Marks on Restroom Mirror

Lipstick Marks on Mirror – School Story

Once in a school, Girls started to leave kissing marks on mirror of restroom. Janitor was troubled by this because he had to clean them and it was difficult for him to clean that. Janitor asked girls to stop doing that and left notices on toilet walls asking girls to stop leaving lipstick marks on…

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