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Be Happy with What you have Story - Best Moral Stories abt Being Happy

Saint and Wealthy Man..!

Once a saint visited a town for some days. During his stay saint would pray silently sitting under a tree. People got to know about him and would come to visit him to ask solution for their problems. In that town lived a very wealthy merchant. After observing saint for few days, was deeply touched…

Power of Wisdom Stories - Best King and Sage Fortune Telling Short Story

Power of Wisdom – King and Sage Story

Once there was very famous sage and used to live outside of Ramnagar of Manipur Kingdom. He was known for his fortune telling and everyone in kingdom knew about him and accuracy of his fortune telling skill. Maniraj was King of that Kingdom and heard words about saint and his skill. King wanted to greet…

The Saint Wisdom Story - Never Judge Anyone Best Moral Stories Share

Donation Story – Saint Wisdom

It’s story of a boy who has just finished his college and hadn’t had got any job yet and was living in a small rented room. One day his cousin came to him and asked him to help with some concepts. Boy had good hold of knowledge over that subject so boy helped his cousin…

Deep Meaning Moral Stories - Saint Teaching to Student Best Short Stories

Deep Meaning – Way to Make Life Better..!!

Once a man went to saint and said, “I desire to make my life better and beautiful. Please tell me Way by which I can make my Life better.” Saint had things kept beside him. He picked up some cotton, one candle and one needle from those things and gave it to man. After giving…

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