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man was holding a rope tied to cow

Man Holding Rope – Who is Real Owner?

Once a man was holding a rope tied to cow and was trying to take her home but cow didn’t want to go and was not moving even an inch. Man tried many times to move cow on way towards his home but cow resisted. A lot of time passed like this. A saint was…

Why do We Offer Food to God - Saint Answer

Why do We Offer Food to God? Saint Answer

Once a person asked Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, “Why do we offer food to God? Does God eat from whatever we offer? Does any change occur to food after we offer it to God? Is there any change in color, taste or quantity of food we offer?” If not, why do we do this? Isn’t this…

Saint Teaching and King Realization - Give up Your Ego

Saint Teaching and King Realization – Give up Your Ego

Once a King impressed by fame of a saint sent him valuable gifts with invite to his palace but saint didn’t accept that invitation. King tried again and this time he himself went to saint and said, “Master, please give me an opportunity to welcome you in my palace. Please accept my invitation.” Listening to…

Boy's Prank and Weaver Response - Moral Lesson for Kids

Boy’s Prank and Weaver Response – Moral Lesson for Kids

Long ago, In India, in a village lived a weaver who was very calm, humble and loyal by nature. People around knew that he never get angry. So, one day some boys from neighborhood thought to prank weaver to make him angry. They all reached at weaver shop. Among kids, there was one kid who…

Saint Kabir Advice - Story about Fights in Married Life

Saint Kabir Advice – Story about Fights in Married Life

Reason for Fights in Married Life and It’s Solution Everyday people from far off places used to come to listen satsang done by Saint Kabir. One day after satsang was over, a man kept sitting. When everyone left. He went to Saint Kabir and said, “I have to ask you something. I am a householder…

Soldier and Trench Story - Leadership Inspirational Stories for Life

Soldier and Trench Story – True Leadership

Story 1: Section Leader and Soldiers Digging Trench Over 200 years ago, close to a battlefield, a man in civilian clothes rode past a small group of exhausted battle weary soldier. Those soldiers were digging an important defensive position. Their section leader was shouting orders and threatening them with punishment if work was not completed…

Reflection of Necklace Story - Illusion of Material Life Short Moral Story

Necklace Story!

Once there was a king who had presented his daughter with a beautiful diamond necklace but one day necklace was lost. Announcement was made in kingdom. People in kingdom searched everywhere but still couldn’t find it. At last king put a reward for 5000 gold coins for anyone who find and bring back that necklace….

Problems in Life Story - Hundred Camels Deep Meaning Motivational Story

Problems in Life – Hundred Camels Story…!!

In district of Rajasthan lived a man who was always troubled by one or other problem and was not happy with his life. One day, he got to know that a saint with his convoy has come to city. Man decided to go to saint. In evening he went to his place and after waiting…

Life Lessons Spiritual Growth - Moral Story Distractions in Spiritual Path

Spiritual Growth Moral Story – Distractions in Path..!!

Once a saint who was on his death bed called his disciple and said, “Remember one thing.. Never Allow a Cat in Your Life..” Just after saying that saint died. Disciple was perplexed by those last words. He was not able to understand it’s meaning. He thought to himself, “Why would i allow a cat…

Be Happy with What you have Story - Best Moral Stories abt Being Happy

Saint and Wealthy Man..!

Once a saint visited a town for some days. During his stay saint would pray silently sitting under a tree. People got to know about him and would come to visit him to ask solution for their problems. In that town lived a very wealthy merchant. After observing saint for few days, was deeply touched…