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Finding Fault - Husband Wife Sad Story for Adults

Finding Fault – Husband Wife Sad Story

Once a couple gave birth to a boy after eleven years of marriage. The boy was gem of their eyes. When boy was around two years old, One morning, when husband was going to office, he saw a medicine bottle open but because he was getting late for his office so he asked his wife…

Sorrow Short Story - Holy Man Solution for Woman Sorrow Deep Meaning

Holy Man Solution for Sorrow..!

Long ago, in a Chinese town, lived a woman with her only son. One day his only son died in a accident in a very young age. In her grief, she went to the holy man who lived in same town. She went to him and said, “What prayers or magical incantations i have to…

Heart Touching Story of Mother and Son - Sad Heart Breaking Short Story

Mother’s Sacrifice and Love..!! Heart Touching

Once a kid used to live with his mother. They were poor and could earn just to manage their needs. Mother had only one eye and because of that kid used to thing of her as embarrassment. One day when Mother went to kid’s school, everyone in school laughed at him and taunted about his…

Ultimate Sacrifice Stories - Heart Touching Sad Stories of Father and Son

Ultimate Sacrifice – Sad Story

Once there was a switch-man who used to operate the controls of a bridge for ships and trains to pass by sitting in a small booth on one side of river. During most of day bridge was running up and down to make way for ships to pass through freely. But at certain time, a…

Heart Touching Stories for Parents and their Kids English Moral

Broken Dreams – Sad Heart Touching Story

Once a lived a very poor family.In family there was mother father and daughter. Father was the only person earning and it was just enough to fulfill basic need for them. Even when they didn’t had enough money he always used to dream about making his daughter best doctor in the world. He loved her…

Story of One Leg and One Arm Soldier - Sad Short Story

A Soldier’s Sad Heart Touching Story..

It’s story of a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in war. Before going home he called his parents. Soldier, “Mom dad, I am coming home but i have a favor to ask. I have a friend with me whom i want to bring home with me.” “Sure, We would love to…

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