Motivational Quotes by Rumi

Best Rumi Quotes - Motivational Quotes about Facing Difficulties in Life

#Hardships The Moment you Accept what Troubles you’ve been Given, the Door with Open. If in the Darkness of Ignorance, you don’t Recognize a Person’s True nature, Look to See.. Whom he has Chosen for his Leader. Don’t be Sad Because God sends Hope in the most Desperate Moments. Don’t forget, the Heaviest Rain comes … Read more

35 Rumi Quotes on Life

35 Rumi Quotes on Life - Inspiring Quotes on Different Aspects of Life

Rumi was an Enigmatic Persian poet during the 13th Century. He was also a Mystic and considered the most Celebrated Sufi teacher of all Time.   Each Moment contains a Hundred Messages from God. Wear Gratitude like a Cloak and it will Feed every corner of your Life. Gratitude is the Wine for the Soul. … Read more

Find Yourself – Motivational Rumi Quotes

Find Yourself Rumi Quotes - Seek HIdden Power Within Motivational

#Soul #Universe #Heart We carry Inside us, the Wonders we Seek outside Us. Stop Acting so Small. You are the Universe in Ecstatic Motion. You are Not a Drop in the Ocean. You are the Entire ocean, in a Drop. Your Heart is the Size of an Ocean. Go find Yourself in its Hidden Depths. … Read more

25 Rumi Quotes – Positive Thinking

Sufi Wisdom Quotes - Rumi Motivational Quotes for Hard Times in Life

Rumi, the Greatest Sufi Mystic and Poet in the Persian language, is famous for his Lyrical Poetry and his epic Masnavi.   # Difficult Times These Pains you Feel are Messengers. Listen to Them. What Hurts you, Blesses you. Darkness is your Candle. In the Blackest of your Moments, Wait with No Fear. When the … Read more

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