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Crow and Cobra Story - Clever Thinking Panchtantra Moral Story

Crow and Cobra Story – Clever Thinking

Once there was a big banyan tree on a river bank. A couple of crow lived on one of the branch of that tree. They built a nest there. One day, crow laid eggs and was eagerly waiting for young ones to come out of eggs. There in cavity of tree, lived a cobra. When…

Indian King Jai Singh and Rolls Royce Famous Story abt Jugding Others

Indian King Jai Singh and Rolls Royce Story

One day, during his visit to London, King Jai Singh was walking around Bond Street in casual dress. There he saw Rolls Royce showroom and went inside. There he looked at cars and then inquired about price and features of cars. When Salesman looked at him and saw his casual Indian Attire, he considered him…

Panchtantra Stories - Arrogant Elephant and Clever Fox Short Story

Clever Fox Revenge – Panchtantra Story

Once upon a time, a Hugh elephant who was very arrogant and cruel used to live in a jungle. He would wreck havoc in jungle, breaking branches and small trees with his trunk. He didn’t care about birds nest and destroyed them, killing their babies. Same way, he ruined many foxes home by trampling over…

Astrology Stories - Rich Man n Priest Revenge Astrology Prediction Story

Rich Man and Priest – Astrology Story

Once upon a time, there was a rich man who used to live in city and follow astrology. He got to know that in neighboring village lived a girl who was good and honest and pretty. So, he decided arrange marriage of his son to that girl. He was sure that he couldn’t find better…

Elephant Stories for Kids - Bird Revenge Short Moral Stories Panchtantra Stories

Bird’s Revenge..!!

Once in a forest lived a bird. She had a nest on a tree where she laid her eggs. She used to stay there and take care of her eggs. But one day an elephant came roaming near that tree. A while later bird saw that elephant started to eat branch from that tree. Soon…

Revenge Stories - Forgive and Forget Friendship Story, Anger Moral Story

Revenge Story – Forgive and Forget..!

Once in a city lived two friends Vikas and Deepak. They started a business venture together by investing money equally. They worked very hard and after years they earned a lot of money with that business. After sometime Vikas thought of launching a new business venture. He didn’t had enough so he persuaded Deepak to…

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