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Who is Superior - Elephant and Monkey Story

Who is Superior? Elephant and Monkey Story

Once in a forest, lived an elephant and a monkey who were too proud of their own qualities and both considered themselves superior to other. They would often quarrel about it. An owl used to see them and was fed of their such fights. So one day, owl said to them, “I have been watching…

Earn Respect Moral Stories - Little Boy n Wise Old Man Inspirational Story

Little Boy Race – Earn Respect

Once in village lived a little boy who was very athletic and for whom winning was most important. One day, that boy participated in running competition held in village. In that competition he competed with other two young boys. Race commenced, crowd cheered and waved at him. Boy called on his determination and strength, he…

Different Perspective Stories - Respecting Differences Short Moral Stories

Different Perspective Stories

Story 1: Lighted Lamp..!! Once in a small town lived an old blind man. He was blind yet while walking out at night he used to carry lighted lamp with him. One night while he was out of his house, a group of young travelers saw him. After seeing him they realized that he was…

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