Successful Life – Life Tied With Threads!!

Successful Life - Life Tied With Threads!!

Once a son asked his father, “What is successful life?” Father didn’t answer and took his son to fly kite. Father was flying kite and son was carefully watching him. After sometime, son said, “Father, because of this thread, this kite is not able to go up further, shall we break it? If we break … Read more

Divorce Lawyer and Husband Conversation..!

Divorce LawyeAr and Husband Conversation

“How many days will it is take? It been a year now..”, in some angry tone, Mohan spoke to his lawyer. Lawyer replied, “Mr. Mohan, such case take time. You are not even ready to follow my instruction anyway.. or else you and your wife Sudha would have got divorce in a jiffy.” Mohan asked, … Read more

Brothers Property Dispute – Father Lesson

Brothers Property Dispute - Father Lesson

Fight over division of property and land was going on between two sons of Seth and dispute about a house was getting deeper. One day both brother were fighting so much as if they were ready to kill each other any moment.. When Seth saw them like this, he laughed very loudly. Seeing their father … Read more

Husband Wife Fights – Regrets in Life Story

Husband Wife Fights - Regrets in Life Story Heart Touching

Once cute couple who couldn’t live without each other even for a day, had turned bitter. Both were fighting over little things and both didn’t like way things changed. It was their anniversary day and wife Anisha was waiting for her husband Raj to show up. She was waiting to see if her husband remembered … Read more

Divorced Couple and Dinner at Restaurant..!

Divorced Couple and Dinner at Restaurant..! - Husband WIfe Story

Ken started to feel that his married life had become more of an obligation. Joy and passion were long gone and he had lost interest in his wife Rita. Soon, in his office he found a young girl who came to like him. With time he decided to divorce his wife. He told his wife … Read more

Knots in Relationships? Buddha Teaching

Knots in Relationships - Buddha Teaching for Happy Life

Once Buddha came to preach his disciples. He had a beautiful piece of cloth (like handkerchief) in his hand. Disciples were surprised as it was very unusual to see Buddha with anything in his hands. When Buddha was addressing everyone, he started tying knots in that piece of cloth. After tying four to five knots … Read more

Husband Wife Fight – Relationship Story..!

Fight Between Husband Wife -Relationship Story with Moral Lesson

Once in a city, lived a couple who had constant quarrels. In their neighbor lived another couple who lived quietly and happily. Couple would feel jealous of their neighbors because of nice calm atmosphere of their home. One day, wife told her husband, “Go to neighbors and look what they are doing? Find out reason … Read more

Man’s Anxiety on Ship – Facing Fear

Story about Facing Fears - Man's Anxiety Solution Short Moral Story

Once Sultan of Dubai decided to travel by Sea with some of his favorite courtiers. All joined on decided day and sailed out into open sea. However, as ship moved away from land, one of his courtier, who had never seen been on sea before began to overcome with panic. Sitting on ship deck, he … Read more

Husband’s Love for Wife..!! (Must Read)

Once in a city, lived a man who was married to a very beautiful girl. Everyone in city would compliment him about his wife’s beauty. Seeing this wife felt proud and happy. Both started to live a happy married life. After some years, Wife got infected with a rare skin diseases. They consulted every doctor … Read more

Korean Stories – Tiger’s Whisker

Korean Stories in English - Tiger's Whisker Korean Fable Stories wid Moral

Once upon a time lived a couple on country side. Husband was very loving soulmate before he left for wars but ever since he returned he became very angry and unpredictable. His nature became so scary that his wife was scared to live with her. There was Hermit who used to live there and people … Read more

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