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Reflection of Oneself! Father Lesson to his Son

Reflection of Oneself! Father Lesson to his Son

Once a Political leader heard about a saint. So he decided to visit him once to see why people praise him so much. When he went to that ashram, he saw that there was a small room where carpet was spread and some people were sitting there on carpet. Saint was sitting in front. People…

Echo in Hills - Short Stories with Life Lesson

Be Good to Others!! Short Stories with Life Lesson

Story 1: Man Complain – Everyone is Mean!! A man went to his Guru and said, “Guru ji, my wife children, relatives and people from work, Everyone is mean. What should i do?” Listening to this, Guru ji smiled and told him a story. He said, “Once in a village, there was a specials room…

Reflection of Necklace Story - Illusion of Material Life Short Moral Story

Necklace Story!

Once there was a king who had presented his daughter with a beautiful diamond necklace but one day necklace was lost. Announcement was made in kingdom. People in kingdom searched everywhere but still couldn’t find it. At last king put a reward for 5000 gold coins for anyone who find and bring back that necklace….

Zen Teachings Stories - Always Think Good n Do Good Motivational Story

Zen Teaching – Good Reflect Back..!!

Once a grocer got distressed at his work. So he went to his master and told him about reason for his distress. He said to master, “A large chain store had opened across the way and it would drive me out of business. My family had been running this shop for centuries and i don’t…

Short Moral Stories - Positive Attitude Moral Stories

Reaction or Response Stories

Story 1: World is a Mirror..!! Once there was a museum in which there was a room which was made of mirrors. Its wall, roof and even floor was made of mirrors. One day care taker of that museum forgot to lock the back door of museum which lead directly to that mirror room. A…

King Alexander The Great Last Words - Ultimate Truth of Life Moral Story

Alexander the Great Last Wishes..!!

After conquering many kingdoms, when Alexander was returning home, on way back to his country he fell ill and his disease took him to his death bed. While on death bed he longed to be able to meet his mother before he die. But he knew that his illness will not give him enough time…

Reflection Moral Stories - Best Short Story about Our Views and Thinking

Reflection of Oneself..!

In a land faraway lived a wise old man. Old man loved to watch people like merchants from other town and peasant who used to go to other towns to sell their products. So, Everyday he used to sit on bench placed just outside town to see people passing by that town. When he used…

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