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Swami Vivekananda Motivational Stories - Face Your Problem Short Story

Motivational Stories from Vivekananda..!!

Story 1: Face your Fear..!! One day, Swami Vivekananda was returning from temple of Ma Durga. Path was very narrow as on one side it was covered by large water tank and on other side there was a high wall. On the path Swami Vivekananda saw a number of monkeys and those monkeys were not…

Swami Vivekananda Short Story - Reply to American Lady Remark Stories

Swami Vivekananda Reply..!

Story 1: An American Lady Proposal..!! Once while in America, an American lady came to visit Swami Vivekananda ji along with other people. Lady was young and attractive. She came there with an intention to distract Swami Vivekananda ji from his path of Sanyas. By luck just in first meet itself, she got a chance…

Swami Vivekananda Life Stories - Stories About Humanity n Compassion

Poor Man Kindness.! Swami Vivekananda Story

Once Swami ji was for a stay in Rajasthan. When people got to know about him they started coming to him. Swami ji was tirelessly answering questions of everyone who was coming to him. This way three days and night passed. Swam Vivekananda ji was so involved in talking to people about spiritual matters that…

Swami Vivekananda Childhood Stories - Narendranath Dutta Short Stories

Swami Ji Childhood Story..!

When Swami Vivekananda (Naren) was 8 years old, he loved Champaka flowers. He used to visit his friends house which had a big Champaka tree in compound of that house. Swami ji loved to climb that tree and dangle head down from it branches. One day grandfather of his friend saw Naren playing on the…

Swami Vivekananda Stories - Swamiji Attained Enlightenment Story in Eng

Swami Ji Enlightenment Story..!!

Story 1: Difficult Time in Life..!! When Vivekananda father died, he was not able to feed his family as he didn’t had any money or job. He felt pained and frustrated when ever he saw his mother and brother hungry. One day Vivekananda went inside jungle, wandering as he was feeling¬† annoyed. He was so…

Stories by Swami Vivekananda - Thief and Sage Story in English to Share

Sage and Thief Story…!!

Once in Gazipur a Sage used to live by side of river Ganga in his small hut. Many people used to visit him and greet him with offerings they bought with them. One day a thief saw Sage’s hut and watched him for some time. He saw that there were many silver utensils and all…

Famous Stories of Swami Vivekananda - Real Life Short Stories in English

Swami Ji Brilliance Stories..!

Story 1: Vivekananda and His Friends..!! Once Swami Vivekananda ji was traveling by ship with one of his friends. In morning, they asked for newspaper to read. Vivekananda ji read newspaper and kept it aside for his friend and went outside chamber. Vivekananda ji friends took newspaper and went outside o deck to read it….

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