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29 Inspirational Quotes about Life by Sadhguru

28 Inspirational Quotes about Life by Sadhguru

Learning is not about Earning but a way of Flowering. When you are All-inclusive, your Experience of your Existence becomes Beautiful and that is why you are Joyful. Without Experiencing the Joy of life, you cannot seek the Source of life. Love is not something that you Do. Love is something that you Are. If…

Leonardo Da Vinci Quotes about Art and Learning

Leonardo Da Vinci Quotes about Art and Learning

#Art Painting is Poetry that is seen rather than Felt and Poetry is Painting that is felt rather than Seen. A Painter should begin every Canvas with a Wash of Black because all things in Nature are Dark except where Exposed by the Light. The Painter has the Universe in his Mind and Hands. Art…

14 Bruce Lee Wisdom Inspirational Self Improvement Quotes for Life

14 Bruce Lee Wisdom Quotes for Life

Be like Water making its way through Cracks. Do not be Assertive but Adjust to the Object and you Shall find a way round or Through it. If nothing within you stays Rigid, outward things will Disclose themselves. Empty your Mind, be Formless. Shapeless, like Water. If you put Water into a Cup, it becomes…

Buddha Quotes on Self Care - Spiritual Self Learning Motivational Quotes

22 Buddha Quotes on Self-Care

Buddha, born with the name Siddhartha Gautama, was a Teacher, Philosopher and Spiritual Leader who is considered the Founder of Buddhism.   Every Human being is the Author of his own Health or Disease. Your Body is Precious. It is our Vehicle for Awakening. Treat it with Care. One should Strive to understand what underlies…

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