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21 Interesting Quotes for Life by Oscar Wilde

21 Interesting Quotes for Life by Oscar Wilde

Selfishness is not Living as one Wishes to Live, It is asking Others to Live as one wishes to Live. There is only One thing in the World worse than being Talked about and that is Not being Talked about. An Excellent man, he has No Enemies and None of his Friends like him. Most…

20 Charles Darwin Motivational Quotes about Life

20 Charles Darwin Quotes about Life

Charles Robert Darwin was a Naturalist and Geology expert from England, who is most well-known for propounding the ‘Theory of Evolution’ that is often regarded as Among the most Significant findings in the History of Biology.   A Man who Dares to Waste one hour of Time has not Discovered the Value of Life. The…

19 Quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci - Quotes abt Human Nature

19 Quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci

Nature is the Source of all true Knowledge. She has her own Logic, her own Laws, She has No effect without cause nor Invention without Necessity. Human subtlety will Never devise an Invention more Beautiful, more Simple or more Direct than does Nature because in her Inventions nothing is Lacking and Nothing is Superfluous. Although…

Steve Jobs Quotes on Business n Innovation - Steve Jobs Wisdom Quotes

Steve Jobs Quotes on Business n Innovation

#Business Get closer than Ever to your Customer. So close that You tell them What they need well before They realize it Themselves. Great things in Business are Never done by One person, They are done by a Team of People. Quality is more important than Quantity. One home run is much better than Two…

23 Motivational and Inspiring Quotes by Gandhi in English for Better Life

23 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

The Difference between What we do and What we are capable of Doing, would Suffice to Solve most of the World’s problems. The Golden rule of Conduct is Mutual Toleration, Seeing that we will Never all think Alike and We shall always see Truth in Fragment and from Different points of Vision. Relationships are based…

20 Mahatma Gandhi Inspirational Quotes about Human Nature and Life

20 Famous Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi. He was one of the most prominent leaders of the Indian Independence movement. He led his life in the most inspirational manner and that is why he has inspired so many generations and is still doing so.   Earth provides Enough to Satisfy every man’s Needs but…

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