Monkey and Bell – Story about Rumor

Monkey and Bell - Story about Rumor

A village was situated on the edge of the forest which was prosperous and people of the village were leading a peaceful life. The villagers had built a temple in the middle of the village, where they used to worship everyday. There was a big bell at the entrance of the temple. One night, a … Read more

Price of Sweet Scent – Shop Owner and Farmer Story

Shop Owner and Farmer Short Moral Storiy for Kids

Once there was a farmer who was returning home, after working in his fields. On his way there was sweet shop. Farmer was tired and hungry. When he walked by sweet shop, he couldn’t resist sweet aroma coming from sweets shop. He wanted to buy sweets but he didn’t had enough money to buy sweets. … Read more

Wolf and Lamb Story..!

Wolf and Lamb Story - Short Classic Moral Stories for Kids on Cleverness

Once a lamb was grazing with a flock of sheep. Soon, she found some sweet grass on edge of cliff and got separated from flock. She was enjoying herself so much that she didn’t even notice a wolf approaching her. As soon as wolf jumped to pounce on her, lamb noticed and quickly started pleading, … Read more

Short Stories – Tit for Tat..!

Tit for Tat Short Stories - Clever Response to Tricky Situation Moral Stories

Story 1: Clever Reply..!! Once in a village lived a poor old man. He was poor so he had little money with him. One day he wanted to eat some sweets so he went to sweets shop market. There he stopped at a sweet shop and asked for some sweets. Sweet seller was cheat and … Read more

Swami Vivekananda Witty Reply

Swami Vivekananda Story in English - Short Life Incidents for Vivekananda

Story 1: Girls Tried to Play Prank..!! Once Swami ji was traveling by train. In same coach some girls were sitting on front seat were surprised by his attire and started making fun of his clothes and appearance. Girls thought of having fun by playing prank on him. They saw that Swami ji was wearing … Read more

Albert Einstein Story – Quick Thinking..!

Albert Einstein Life Short Story - Quick Thinking Short Moral Stories in Eng

When Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” became famous, he was invited to give presentation of his theory. Einstein used to go by car and everywhere he was accompanied by his driver. During Einstein’s presentation his driver used to sit in last row. One day while going for presentation in his car, his driver said, “Sir, your … Read more

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