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King and Parrot Nectar Fruit - Can You Answer

King and Parrot’s Nectar Fruit – Can You Answer?

Once a King had a beautiful parrot. Parrot was very intelligent and because of his sweet voice, king was happy with him. One day, parrot told King, “I want to go to my parents and begged King to give him permission to leave.” King allowed him and said, “Fine but you have to come back…

What is the Value of a Human? Father Son Story

What is the Value of a Human? Father Son Story

Once there was a boy name Arav. His father used to run an iron shop where he used to help his father with his work. One day he asked his father, “What is the value of a human is this world?” Father was surprised by this question. Father thought for a while and said, “Son,…

Why do We Offer Food to God - Saint Answer

Why do We Offer Food to God? Saint Answer

Once a person asked Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, “Why do we offer food to God? Does God eat from whatever we offer? Does any change occur to food after we offer it to God? Is there any change in color, taste or quantity of food we offer?” If not, why do we do this? Isn’t this…

Disciple Question to Acharaya - Why is Discipline Important

Disciple Question – Why is Discipline Important?

In ancient times, In a Gurukul lived Acharya Sumedh with his disciples. He was very knowledgeable and adhered to discipline. One day after end of lesson, one of his disciple named Vartant asked him, “Acharayvar! Intellectual sharpness is basis of learning. Despite this why do you always talk about tying our whole life in rigid…

Akbar's Beloved Parrot News by Birbal

Akbar’s Beloved Parrot News by Birbal

Once Akbar went to market. There he saw a parrot, which was very pretty. Owner had taught parrot good things. Akbar got happy listening to that parrot and decided to buy that parrot. Akbar gave owner a good price and brought that parrot to his palace. Whenever Akbar asked parrot something, he would answer that…

Different Answer for Same Question - Short Stories about Human Nature

Different Answer for Same Question..!

Once an old man was sitting at gate of a town. A man, horse rider, saw him and stop there. He asked to old man, “What are the people of this town like?” Old man asked, “Why do you ask this?” Rider replied, “People of town i came from are very indecent. I was upset…

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