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What is Value of Life Man Question to Buddha

What is Value of Life? Man Question to Buddha

A man went to Buddha and asked, “What is value of life?” Buddha gave him a shinning stone and said, “Go to market and find out about value of this stone and come back. But remember not to sell it to anyone.” Man went to market. First he met a fruit seller and showed him…

Disciple Question - What is this World in Your Eyes

Disciple Question – What is this World in Your Eyes?

One day a disciple asked his Guru, “Gurudev, What is this world in your eyes?” To answer this, His Guru narrated a story. Once in a city, there was a glass palace. In that palace there were hundreds of mirrors fixed on every wall. One day, an angry dog entered that palace. Inside, he saw…

Disciples Question - What is Most Powerful Thing

Disciples Question – What is Most Powerful Thing?

One day, in Gurukul, a debate broke out among disciples about – What is the most powerful thing in the world? Everyone was saying one or other thing. When they were not able to reach any conclusion, all disciples went to Guru ji. Guru ji listened to what disciples had to say and then after…

Successful Life - Life Tied With Threads!!

Successful Life – Life Tied With Threads!!

Once a son asked his father, “What is successful life?” Father didn’t answer and took his son to fly kite. Father was flying kite and son was carefully watching him. After sometime, son said, “Father, because of this thread, this kite is not able to go up further, shall we break it? If we break…

Does God Eat the Food Offered by Us

Does God Eat the Food Offered by Us?

A disciple asked his Guru, “Does God eat the food offered by us? If yes, then why doesn’t that food gets any less in quantity and if not, then what is the benefit of offering it?” Guru ji did not give any answer immediately. After completing the lesson, Guru ji recited a verse and asked…

Bride's Father Condition For Marriage!!

Bride’s Father Condition For Marriage!!

Once a young man fell in love with a young woman. Father of young woman agreed for marriage with great difficulty. Father agreed but on one condition. He said to young man family that – No elder should from young man’s village or family should come in marriage. Condition was difficult to follow yet young…

What is Essence of Education - Disciple Question

What is Essence of Education? Saint Answer

There was an ashram of saint on banks of Ganges in Kashi. His disciples also used to live there. One day one of his disciple asked, “What is essence of education?” Saint smiled and said, “One day you will know about it yourself..” After some days, at night saint gave a book to his disciple…

King Question to Saint - How Can I Meet God?

King Question to Saint – How Can I Meet God?

A King was walking on terrace of his palace in evening. Suddenly his eyes fell on a saint who was walking in the market near palace. King felt that saint was full of joy and seeing this, King became anxious to meet him. He called his servants asked them to bring saint to him immediately….

Old Woman Answer - Most Beautiful Hands

Who Have Most Beautiful Hands? Old Woman Answer

Long time ago, some rich and beautiful women were sitting on the bank of river enjoying picnic. After a while when they were washing their hands and feet in cool and clean water of the river, they saw their reflection. Seeing their reflection in water, they started to admire their own beauty. Just then one…

King's Question and Wise Man Interesting Answer

King’s Question and Wise Man Interesting Answer

One day King came to know about a wise man who was visiting his kingdom. King got curious and called for wise man to visit his court. When wise man came to King’s court, King said to him, “I have heard about your wisdom. I want to ask you something but if you are not…

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