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Bus Conductor Test and Priest Act - Deep Meaning Story

Bus Conductor Test and Priest Act – Deep Meaning

A priest who lived in city was famous far and wide. One day due to sudden demise of a priest of temple located in a nearby village, he was appointed priest there. To go to village, he boarded bus and gave the fare money to the conductor and sat down on the seat. When conductor…

Astrology Stories - Rich Man n Priest Revenge Astrology Prediction Story

Rich Man and Priest – Astrology Story

Once upon a time, there was a rich man who used to live in city and follow astrology. He got to know that in neighboring village lived a girl who was good and honest and pretty. So, he decided arrange marriage of his son to that girl. He was sure that he couldn’t find better…

Priest Stories with Moral - Think Wisely Before Acting Short Stories

Priest and Robbers Story

Once upon a time, In a kingdom lived a priest who had magical power and knew a special spell which was given to him by his teacher. There was a condition on use of that special spell that it can be used only once a year at a specific time. Priest had a disciple who…

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