Old Man’s Glasses – Power of Prayer

Old Man Glasses - Power of Prayer Heart Warming Short Story

Once there lived, an old man who was carpenter who used to live with his family. One day, he was building some crates for the clothes, his church was sending to some orphanage in China. After completing work on his way to home, when old man reached into his pocket to find his glasses, he … Read more

Old Woman Prayer Answered (Must Read)

Prayer Answered Stories - Old Woman Prayer Heart Touching Story

Once a very well known doctor, named Dr. Stephen was on his way to medical conference, where he was to be given an award for his medical research, he had done recently. Dr. Stephen was very excited to attend conference and wanted to reach at conference as soon as possible. However, an hours after flight … Read more

Man on Island..!! (God’s Way)

Man on Island Short Stories - Best Moral Stories about Trusting God in Eng

Once a ship was wrecked in a storm and only survivor left was washed up on a small inhabited island. He prayed to God to rescue him but for days there was no help and no one came to rescue him. Exhausted, one day he look around for things and built a little hut for … Read more

Power of Prayer..!

Power of Prayer Short Stories - Never Judge Others Stories for Students

Once a ship was wrecked at sea due to storm and only out of all crew two men were bale to swim themselves to a small deserted island. After both reached island, they didn’t know what to do and both talked and they reached on conclusion that there is nothing they can do except to … Read more

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