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Japanese Fishing Story Motivational Management Stories

Japanese Fishing Co. Solution Story.. Must Read

How Resources, Skills and Abilities Make a Difference. Japanese loved fresh fish but for decades close by water has not held many fishes. So to feed Japanese population, Fishing boats got bigger and went further and further than before. Further the fisherman went for fishing, more time it took them to bring back the fish….

It's Story of Little boy - Beautiful Short Story About Life

It’s Story of Little boy who Wanted to meet God

It’s Story of Little boy who Wanted to meet God. So, He packed his suitcase with Twinkies and Juice for his long trip to meet God and started his journey. About three blocks away he saw a long-haired, beard biker sitting by his motorcycle in park relaxing amongst nature. Boy sat down next to that…

Sand and Pebbles in Jar - Philosophical Stories for Children

Sand and Pebbles in Jar Story

A professor stood before class with items on table in front of him. When class began, He picked up a large Glass jar an started to fill it with rocks of about 2 inch in diameter. Then he asked students if the jar was full. All students agreed. Now the professor picked up a box…