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Learning Stories - Best Moral Stories for Ways to Learn in Life

Three Masters..!! Sufi Saint Motivational Story

Once there was a great Sufi saint. In his last days, someone asked him about his master. Saint said, “I had thousands and thousands of masters and if i even try to tell you about each of them, it will take months or years and it is too late for that. But since you asked…

Motivational Stories in English - Black Spot On White Paper Moral

What to Focus On “In Life” – Black Spot Story

One day a professor entered in classroom and told students about surprise test. After hearing that all students were seated and waited for test to begin. Now, professor gave test paper to all students with text facing down at desk. Once he was done with handing out test to all students, he asked them to…

How to be a Good Learner - Zen Learning Stories for Life Lessons

How to be a Good Learner!!

Story 1: Professor Question.. A university professor came to a Japanese master to Question About Zen. Japanese master greeted him. Before they could start to talk about Zen Japanese master invited professor for tea. At the table both were sitting in front of each other. Master started to serve tea for professor while pouring tea…

Meaning of Silence!!

Story 1: Master and Traveler..! In old times it was customary for Monks who is traveling and seeking for lodge to stay was to engage himself in dharma combat with head monk at Zen monastery. If he won battle then he could stay else he would have to seek quarters elsewhere. Once a traveling monk…

Is God Evil or Good Short Story in English - Student vs Professor

Is God Evil or Good??

Once a university professor went to a class to give lecture. Professor asked students a question. He asked, “Everything that exist is created by God??” One student stood up and answered, “Yes, it is.” Now professor asked, “If God created everything that means, God created Evil too.. And according to principal – The things we…

Curious Young Mind Questions for Life Story - What's God/ Destiny

Curious Young Mind Questions

A young man wanted to find answers about life and God so he always look for wise people to ask. He met lots of people and asked them about it but neither of them could answer him. One day he got opportunity to meet a scientist so he asked him questions about life and god….

Importance of Doing Good Things - Short Stories for Motivation

What’s Solution? Motivational Story

One day for the first time, i was preparing fresh lime water. While preparing i ended up adding five time the lemon juice amount than it needed. Resulting lime water was disaster. It was so sour that no one could even take one sip of it. Now, i had to make it right anyhow. I…

Best Moral Stories - Motivational Short Stories for Kids

You Will Never Lose Your Value

A very well known speaker started his seminar holding a note of Rs100. In that seminar room there were total 200 people. Now looking at the people he asked, “Who would like to have this 100rs bill (note)?” Hands started to go up. Now he said, “I will give you this but let me first…

Japanese Fishing Story Motivational Management Stories

Japanese Fishing Co. Solution Story.. Must Read

How Resources, Skills and Abilities Make a Difference. Japanese loved fresh fish but for decades close by water has not held many fishes. So to feed Japanese population, Fishing boats got bigger and went further and further than before. Further the fisherman went for fishing, more time it took them to bring back the fish….

It's Story of Little boy - Beautiful Short Story About Life

It’s Story of Little boy who Wanted to meet God

It’s Story of Little boy who Wanted to meet God. So, He packed his suitcase with Twinkies and Juice for his long trip to meet God and started his journey. About three blocks away he saw a long-haired, beard biker sitting by his motorcycle in park relaxing amongst nature. Boy sat down next to that…