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Burning House and It's Owner - Cause of Sorrow

Burning House and It’s Owner – Cause of Sorrow

In a city, there was luxurious house which was considered most beautiful house in that city. Whenever people see it, they couldn’t leave without praising. Owner was very proud of his house. Once owner of house went out of city for few days for work. When he returned he was surprised to see some smoke…

Monk Alms-pot Story - How to Pacify Human Desires

Monk Alms-pot Story – How to Pacify Human Desires

Once a monk came to King’s palace. It was King’s rule to fulfill any wish of the first person who came at his palace to ask for anything. So, King said to him, “Ask whatever you want..” Monk was carrying a small alms pot with him, holding it in his hand, he said, “Just fill…

Farmer and Boulder in Field Story - Problems in Life

Farmer and Boulder in Field Story – Problems in Life

Once in a village lived a farmer who used to work in a big field. In middle of his field there was boulder stuck in land which used to get in farmer’s way while working. Farmer would work cautiously around that boulder but still there were time he would stumble because of that boulder and…

Four Candles in a Room - Story about Hope

Four Candles in a Room – Story about Hope

Once at night time, four candles were burning in a room and they started talking to each other. First candle said, “I am peace but in present there is catastrophe and robbery everywhere and it seems like world doesn’t want me any more. Therefore, i can’t stay here anymore…” And saying that candle was extinguished….

Sheep and Wolf Story for Adults - Facing your Fear

Sheep and Wolf Story for Adults – Facing your Fear

Once there was shepherd who had 15 sheep. He would take them to grounds daily, for grazing and then in evening would bring back to their fence which was enclosed by barbed wire and would lock the fence entry from outside. Everything was going okay until one morning when shepherd was taking sheep out for…

Imaginary Rope - Merchant and Camel Story

Imaginary Rope – Merchant and Camel Story

Once upon a time, there was merchant who used to roam from city to city for work with his three camels. One night, when merchant was tired from all day work and wanted to rest, he thought that he might stay in a inn and tie his camels outside that inn. He looked around and…

Rumi Teaching Stories about Questions in Life

Rumi Stories about Questions of Life

Story 1: Rumi and Scholar at River Bank..! Once Rumi and a scholar was standing on bank of a river, where suddenly he spotted a fur coat floating downstream in middle of current. Seeing that fur coat, Rumi hollered over to scholar, “Hey man, there is a fur coat floating in middle of river. See….

Aristotle and Man on Beach Story - Deep Meaning Philosophy

Aristotle Question to Man on Beach..!

One day, Aristotle was walking on beach, a glorious sunset was happening but he didn’t have time to appreciate that as he was busy thinking seriously about some great problem of life, problem like existence of life itself. While thinking, he walked up and down the beach. There on beach he saw another man who…

King Wrong Doing n Monk Teaching - Never Do Wrong to Others Moral Story

King Wrong Doing and Monk Teaching

Once upon a time, lived a King who was short tempered. One morning, King was going out to see his beloved horse. At same time, a monk came here to beg for alms. Because of sudden interruption, King became angry. In anger, he picked up waste from stable and put it in monk’s begging bowl….

Story about Love - Three Old Man n Couples Choice Story wid Life Lesson

Three Old Man – Story about Love

Once in a village, a woman saw three old man sitting outside her house. They were sitting there for quiet a while. Woman went outside and said, “I saw that you are sitting here for long, you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat.” Men asked, “Is man of the house…

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