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Beautiful Emotional Stories - Son Gift to Parents Heart Touching Story to Share

Emotional Story – Son’s Gift

An old couple used to live alone in their house. One day door bell rang. Old man got up and opened door. He saw that a postman was standing in front of him with an envelope and a postcard. Old man closed door and looked at envelope. On envelope in bold letter it was written…

Father Son Heart Touching Story - Parents Selfless Love Short Moral Story

Father Son Heart Touching Story..!

There was a old man named James who used to live with his wife in village. His son used to live in city. James wanted to meet his son so he decided to go to city to meet his son. He was very excited to see his son but unfortunately someone else opened the door….

Moral Stories About Life - Moving on in Life Encouraging Motivational Story

Kid Problem Parents Solution – Moral Story

Once a little boy slowly walked in to his mother’s room. His mother was sitting at her desk writing. Mother took a glance at him and saw that he was carrying a vase that was given to her by grandmother. Seeing that vase in that little boy’s hand and mother got worried and said, “Baby,…

Best Short Moral Stories - Heart Touching Short Story of Father and Son

Best Heart Touching Father Son Story – Inspiring

One evening, a son took his father to a restaurant. After getting seated there. Son called waiter and ordered food. Father was old and weak because of this while eating food, his father dropped food on his short and trousers. While son was calming having food with father, other diners sitting there looked at them…

Scars in Your Life Story - Heart Touching Stories of Mother and Son Love

Scars in Your Life..! Mother Son Story

On a hot summer day, A little boy and his mother were inside a lake house. Little boy decided to go for a swim in lake behind his house. Boy was really excited to go into lake and swim in cool lake so he just ran out. Boy went into lake and swam far without…

Heart Touching Story of Mother and Son - Sad Heart Breaking Short Story

Mother’s Sacrifice and Love..!! Heart Touching

Once a kid used to live with his mother. They were poor and could earn just to manage their needs. Mother had only one eye and because of that kid used to thing of her as embarrassment. One day when Mother went to kid’s school, everyone in school laughed at him and taunted about his…

Heart Touching Stories About Mother - Unconditional Mother's Love Stories

Child and Mother’s Relationship..!! Heart Touching

Story 1: Rose for Mother..! A man went to a flower shop to order some flowers to be wired to a distant place. Order of flower was to be sent to his mother who lived three hundred miles away. As man got out of shop and went to his car, he noticed a young girl…

Heart Touching Stories for Parents and their Kids English Moral

Broken Dreams – Sad Heart Touching Story

Once a lived a very poor family.In family there was mother father and daughter. Father was the only person earning and it was just enough to fulfill basic need for them. Even when they didn’t had enough money he always used to dream about making his daughter best doctor in the world. He loved her…

The Old Man And The Wooden Bowl Story - Family Stories

Old Man And The Wooden Bowl Story..!!

An old man came to live with his son, daughter-in-law and little grandson. Old man physical condition was not very good. His hand trembled and eye sight was weak and his step faltered. The family used to ate dinner together on the table. But the old man shaky hands and weak eye sight made it…

Father and Daughter Story - Parents Emotional Stories

Father and Daughter Emotional Story..!!

At the park one day, a woman sat down next to a man on the bench of the playground. She initiated talk with the man sitting on side saying, “That’s my son over there.” pointing toward a boy wearing yellow t-shirt. “He’s a fine looking boy” man replied. He added, “That’s my daughter on the…

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