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Ask God for Once! Draupadi Request to Yudhishthir

Ask God for Once! Draupadi Request to Yudhishthir

In Mahabharat, When Pandavas were living in exile. One day, Yudhishthir was sitting in solitude and enjoying nature. During this, he closed his eyes and sat in meditation. Just then Draupadi also reached there. When Yudhisthir’s meditation was complete, he looked very happy. Seeing this, Draupadi said, “You have so much faith in God. You…

Human Nature in Kaliyuga - Krishna and Padavas Story in English Share

Human Nature in Kaliyuga

Once Pandavas(except for Yudhishthira) asked Krishna, “What is Kaliyuga and what will happen during Kaliyuga?” Krishna smiled and said, “Let me demonstrate¬† you the situation of Kaliyuga..” Krishna took a bow and shot four arrows in four directions and asked Pandavas to bring them back. Each Pandavas went in different directions to bring those arrows…

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