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Two Friends Quarrel - Tit for Tat Story about Greed

Two Friends Quarrel – Tit for Tat Story

Once there was a rich merchant called Viraj. As time passed, his business got bad and because of that not only he lost all his money but also got into debt. So, he decided to sell of all his possessions to pay off his debt and then leave city. All he was left with was…

Two Headed Bird - Panchtantra Story about Quarrel in Family

Two Headed Bird – Panchtantra Story about Quarrel in Family

Once upon a time, lived a strange bird near a big banyan tree beside river. Bird was strange because it had two heads but only one stomach. Once, while bird was wandering around and flying high in sky. Just then first head saw something shiny on river bed. Bird came down quickly and picked it…

Four Friends and Hunter Story - Friends Help in Difficult Times

Four Friends and Hunter Story

Long ago, there lived three friends deer, crow and mouse lived in a jungle. They used to stay together, share meals together. One day, a turtle came to them and said, “I am all alone. Can i also join your company and become your friends?” Crow said, “Yes, you are welcome.” Soon, they became good…

Two Goat on Bridge Story

Two Goat on Bridge Story

Once in a forest which was divided by a river flowing through it. here was a bridge which connected two sides of forest. Animals would pass over it to go to other side. Bridge was so narrow that at a time only one animal or person could walk over it. One day, a goat was…

Two Cats and Monkey Story - Famous Moral Story for Kids

Two Cats and Monkey Story

Two cats were prowling together. One of the cats saw a big cake and missed. The other jumped up and picked it. Both started quarreling over that large piece of cake. First cat said that she saw it first so it’s her but other cat refused about her claim and scratched her. Both started fighting….

Short Moral Stories - Don't Act Arrogant and Be Helpful to Other Story

Be Helpful and Wise – Short Moral Stories

Story 1: Sharing Load..! Once a farmer owned a horse and a donkey. Horse used to carry master and donkey used to carry his loads. One day, farmer went to market and did a lot of shopping. After shopping was over, farmer loaded all the supplies on donkey. It was too much for donkey to…

Panchtantra Stories - Arrogant Elephant and Clever Fox Short Story

Clever Fox Revenge – Panchtantra Story

Once upon a time, a Hugh elephant who was very arrogant and cruel used to live in a jungle. He would wreck havoc in jungle, breaking branches and small trees with his trunk. He didn’t care about birds nest and destroyed them, killing their babies. Same way, he ruined many foxes home by trampling over…

Listen to Elders Advice Story - Two Deer Leadership Panchatantra Story

Listen to Elders – Two Deer Story

Once upon a time, lived a deer who was leader of thousand deer. He had two sons. One was slim and tall, with bright eyes and was called White. Another one was blackish in color and was named Black. After both sons were fully grown, their father called them. He said, “I am very old…

Clever Rabbit and Lion Story - Best Famous Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Clever Rabbit and Foolish Lion Story

Once upon a time, there was a valley surrounded by mountains. Many animals animals like rabbits, squirrels, deer etc made this lovely valley their home. They all lived peacefully in this valley as there was no wolf or lion. But one day, a Lion climbed down the mountains and entered valley. Not sooner had he…

Crane and Crab Story with Moral in English - Story of Trickery n Deception

Crab and Crane Story

Once upon a time, lived an old crane near a small pond which was full of small fishes. Crane was in habit of picking fishes with his beak and eat them. With age it was becoming difficult for him to catch fishes. Due to drought, water level in pond became lower and still it wasn’t…

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