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Facing Adversity Moral Stories - Short Stories abt Overcoming Obstacles

Facing Adversity?

Once a young women complained to her mother about how hard her life is going on and that she wanted to give up. After listening to her, her mother took her to kitchen and there she took three pots and filled them with water then she placed pots with water on fire and bring them…

Stories about Business Success - Self confidence and Attitude Best Stories

Business Success – Old Man Debt.! (Must Read)

Once a businessman got caught in debt real deep and he was not able to think of any way out to sort out that debt. So one day he went out and sat in the park to think if he could do anything to save his company from bankruptcy. While he was sitting in park,…

Old Man and His Son Short Story - Motivational Short Stories for Learning

Old Man and His Son Story

Once an old man used to live with his son. But one day his son was convicted and sent in prison. Old man had a plot in front of his house in which he used to grow potatoes. This year again it was time for planting of potatoes in plot but all the digging and…

Scars in Your Life Story - Heart Touching Stories of Mother and Son Love

Scars in Your Life..! Mother Son Story

On a hot summer day, A little boy and his mother were inside a lake house. Little boy decided to go for a swim in lake behind his house. Boy was really excited to go into lake and swim in cool lake so he just ran out. Boy went into lake and swam far without…

Positive Attitude Stories - Stories to Motivate Yourself, Choices in Life Story

Importance of Positive Attitude in Life..!

Once in a telecommunication company worked a guy Michael. He was the kind of guy who always used to be in good mood. He was like natural motivator. He was always there there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation. One day one of the co-employee Sam went up…

Stories About Patience - King and Spider Fable Moral Stories Motivational

King and Spider Story – Patience

Once a kingdom was captivated by its enemies. King fought real hard to defeat his enemies but still couldn’t save its kingdom. After his defeat king fled his country and later through his sources, he gather his soldiers and came back to fight his enemies but was defeated again. Even after he got defeated four…

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