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Needles of Clock - Story to Motivate Yourself to Work

Needles of Clock – Story to Motivate Yourself to Work

Ramu was fast asleep in his small room. Only ticking sound of clock was echoing in the quiet atmosphere of room. There was a clock kept on table. As soon as big needle of clock met the small needle, it said, “Hey, how are you small needle?” Small needle replied, “I am tired of walking….

Man Lost all Hope - Grass and Bamboo Story

Man Lost all Hope – Grass and Bamboo Story

Once a businessman became hopeless after, his business failed. He became frustrated with life and one day while upset, he went to forest and sat alone in forest. While sitting there, he thought for long and then said to God, “Tell me one reason why i should not despair, i lost everything, what should i…

Teacher Lesson about Failure - Try Again

Why Try Again? Teacher Lesson about Failure

Ramu started a business with great enthusiasm but just after few months, his business went under. After that, time passed but Ramu didn’t started any new work. His teacher got to knew about his situation and called him to his home. Teacher welcomed Ramu and they talked for bit about each other well being. Then…

Frog and Rabbit Aesop Fable - Never Give Up

Frog and Rabbit Story – Never Give Up

Once some wild dogs were chasing a herd of rabbits. All rabbits were running to save their lives. Somehow, they could avoid becoming victim of wild dogs and hid behind a dry bush. Everyone was weary because of all the running and being scared of losing their life. After wild dogs left, rabbits took a…

Rich Man Loss and Old Monk Story - Law of Life

Rich Man Loss and Old Monk – Law of Life

Once there was a very rich man. He was one of the richest person of his country but suddenly there was a loss and all his wealth was lost. His fortune-sun had set and he had no wealth left with him. In such situation he thought that there was no future before him except darkness…

Sufi Saint and King Offer to Man - Value Your Life

Sufi Saint and King Offer to Man – Value Your Life

Once a Sufi saint was sitting on the river bank, there he saw a young man by river side who was about to jump into river. Seeing this saint asked, “What are you doing?” Man replied, “Don’t stop me. It’s too much! Everything is meaningless in this life. I have never got anything i wanted….

Wife's Encouraging Words for Husband - Never Give Up Story

Wife’s Encouraging Words – Never Give Up Story

Once in a city, lived a married young man with his wife. After marriage, young man started working as a teacher in primary school. But due to lack of experience, soon he was squashed by students in less than a week. When he returned home, he cried. His wife comforted him saying, “When one is…

Inspirational Story of Enrico Caruso - Hardwork n Success Story

Inspirational Story of Enrico Caruso

Once upon a time in city of Naples in Italy, a young boy of about eleven years old who used to live with his mother. They were very poor, so both of them had to work so that they can earn enough money to buy their daily needs. Boy used to work in factory. Young…

Poor Farmer Loss - Never too Late to Start Motivational Story

Poor Farmer Loss – Never too Late to Start

Once upon a time, a King went for hunting but it got late. While returning back, because of dark he was unable to find his way. He forgot his way and at last he found a small hut. King went and knocked on door and asked for shelter. That hut belonged to a poor farmer….

Never Give Up Story - Old Artist Persistance n Learning New Thing Story

Old Artist Learning – Never Give Up Story

Once lived a skilled artist named Shikaki. With his expertise and interest, he made an beautiful ink pot to present it to the King. Seeing that beautiful ink pot, he expected that King would encourage him and appreciate his skill as far as possible. With countless hopes and desire, he presented that ink pot to…

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