Wise Old Man and Stranger Story

Wise Old Man Story - Never Do Wrong Interesting Tit for Tat Story for Kids

Once upon a time there was an old man who loved gardening and had a very big and beautiful garden. He had planted many fruit trees and care for them everyday till they bear fruits. One fine day while picking up fruits with his son, old man saw that a stranger was sitting on the … Read more

Zen Master Test for Boys..!

Short Stories about Stealing - Zen Master Test for Young Boys Moral Story

Once upon a time, on outskirt of a big city stood an old temple. Many young boys who wanted to study Buddhism would come to live in temple and to learn from Master (Head Buddhist Monk) at temple. One day, Master decided to test his students. So he gathered all young boys around him and … Read more

God is Watching You..!!

God is Watching You Story - Never Do Wrong Stories for Kids with Moral

Once two men came to Sage who used to live in forest inside a small hut. They requested him to allow them to be his students. Sage asked them to come next day. Next day when they came, Sage was holding two birds in his hands. He asked them to hold on to birds. Both … Read more

Fisherman Story – Greedy Gatekeeper..!

King and Fisherman Story - Teaching Lesson to Corrupt Gatekeeper

Once a King wanted to organize a grand feast. He had got all kind of dishes prepared but there was one specific fish which he couldn’t get. So he made an announcement in kingdom that whoever brings that fish to palace then he would be rewarded handsomely. Many fisherman tried but couldn’t find that fish. … Read more

Camel and Fox Story – Selfish Act..!!

Camel and Fox Moral Story - Never Act Selfish with Friends Stories fr Kids

Once a camel and fox became very good friends. They would look for food together and have fun. One day while looking for food they saw a farm but they had to cross river to reach there. Camel knew how to swim but fox didn’t. So camel said, “You can climb on my back and … Read more

Unity is Strength – Sparrow’s Revenge..!!

Unity is Strength Story - Results can be Achieved if Worked Together Story

Once in a forest, a sparrow had nest on a tree where she laid her eggs. She was expecting her newborns to come out of egg soon. But one day, an elephant went berserk and went on to crush all the trees branches in it’s way. When sparrow saw that elephant approaching her nest’s way … Read more

Scary Story – Wrong Suggestion..!

Scary Stories for Adults - Think Before You Give Wrong Suggestion Disturbing Story

Once in a town lived a man and his wife. Man had really bad temper and used to beat his wife. Unfortunately one day even though he didn’t wanted to kill her, wife succumbed to his beating and died. When he realized what happened he became fearful of wife’s relatives and thought of consequences. Just … Read more

Every Effort Counts..

Every Effort Counts Short Stories - Importance of Working Together Story

Story 1: Little Bird’s Effort..!! Once a long time ago, a great fire occurred in the forest. All the people and animals living in the forest started to run to try to escape from fire. Among birds, an owl noticed a small bird who was flying back and forth between the nearest river and fire. … Read more

Revenge Story – Forgive and Forget..!

Revenge Stories - Forgive and Forget Friendship Story, Anger Moral Story

Once in a city lived two friends Vikas and Deepak. They started a business venture together by investing money equally. They worked very hard and after years they earned a lot of money with that business. After sometime Vikas thought of launching a new business venture. He didn’t had enough so he persuaded Deepak to … Read more

Share with Others – Wise Man Orchard.!

Sharing with Others - Sharing Goodness and Happiness with Others Moral

Once a wise man bought a very big and beautiful house. This house had a huge orchard in front and it filled with trees bearing lots of fruits. Wise man was good by nature and greeted everyone with love and respect. Everyone in his neighbor liked him except one of his neighbor. This neighbor was … Read more

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