Boy with No Hands – Never Do Wrong with Other Story

Boy with No Hands - Never Do Wrong with Other Story

Once God went on walk with an Angel. On their way, they saw that some children were swimming in a pond and near by one child was sad sitting alone under a tree. Angel saw that child was missing both of his hands and because of it he was not able to swim with other … Read more

Tailor’s Son Wrong Doing to Elephant!!

Tailor's Son Wrong Doing to Elephant!!

Once in a village, lived a good nature, kind and friendly tailor. All villagers would come to him to get their clothes stitched. One day, an elephant came to tailor’s shop. Seeing him, tailor understood that elephant was hungry, so he fed him banana. From that day on wards, elephant started coming to tailor’s shop … Read more

Farmer Orchard and Thief Excuse – Tit for Tat Story

Farmer Orchard and Thief Excuse - Tit for Tat Story

Once a farmer had a big orchard around his house. He had many fruit trees in his orchard and used to take care of them diligently throughout the year. He would share ripe fruits with his family and friends and would sell rest in market. One day, when farmer was in his orchard, picking fruits … Read more

Justice of Nature – Taking Advantage of Pandemic!

Justice of Nature - Taking Advantage of Pandemic!

An incident during Kutch earthquake. Police was doing relief work of removing debris to look for any survivor buried under that debris and get them out. they were also taking out bodies of dead from debris. An old man was sitting outside the debris of a very big house. Police came, they found body of … Read more

Businessman and Dog Story – How Karma Works

Businessman and Dog Story - How Karma Works

Once a successful businessman was getting ready to go to his office. He got out of his house and reached his car. As soon as he opened door of his car, a stray dog who was sleeping under his car suddenly came out and bit on his leg. Businessman got very angry and quickly picked … Read more

King Wrong Doing and Monk Teaching

King Wrong Doing n Monk Teaching - Never Do Wrong to Others Moral Story

Once upon a time, lived a King who was short tempered. One morning, King was going out to see his beloved horse. At same time, a monk came here to beg for alms. Because of sudden interruption, King became angry. In anger, he picked up waste from stable and put it in monk’s begging bowl. … Read more

Beggar and Chapati – Never Do Wrong

Once in a village, lived a woman who used to make chapati for her family members and would always make one extra chapati for any hungry passerby and used to keep that extra chapatti on window sill of her kitchen, for whosoever needed, would take it. One day, a beggar came and took chapati and … Read more

Clever Fox Revenge – Panchtantra Story

Panchtantra Stories - Arrogant Elephant and Clever Fox Short Story

Once upon a time, a Hugh elephant who was very arrogant and cruel used to live in a jungle. He would wreck havoc in jungle, breaking branches and small trees with his trunk. He didn’t care about birds nest and destroyed them, killing their babies. Same way, he ruined many foxes home by trampling over … Read more

Farmer Goodness Story

Stories of Goodness - Inspirational Moral Story abt Doing Good to Others

Once upon a time, in a village lived a farmer who was very kind and good nature. His name was Shankar. He lived in hut with his wife and children. He had a small piece of land and earned money by selling whatever crops he could produce on this land. Shankar was kind and used … Read more

Wise Old Man and Stranger Story

Wise Old Man Story - Never Do Wrong Interesting Tit for Tat Story for Kids

Once upon a time there was an old man who loved gardening and had a very big and beautiful garden. He had planted many fruit trees and care for them everyday till they bear fruits. One fine day while picking up fruits with his son, old man saw that a stranger was sitting on the … Read more

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