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Quality of Bamboo - Saint Teaching to Disciple

Quality of Bamboo – Saint Teaching to Disciple

A Saint was going into forest with his disciple. While passing through a slope, disciple foot slipped and he started slipping downwards rapidly. He was about to fall into a ditch, when suddenly he caught on to a bamboo plant firmly. Because of that he was saved from falling into ditch. Bamboo which disciple was…

Trees and Lions in Forest - Old Tree Advice

Trees and Lions in Forest – Old Tree Advice

Once there was green forest on the edge of a village. In forest there were two young trees who grew next to each other and were close. Many lions lived in that forest. They would hunt other animals and eat them till they were full and would leave remains of those animals near those trees….

Wisdom and Knowledge Stories - Working Together Stories

Wisdom and Knowledge Stories

Story 1: Why to Learn Together..?? Once all disciples were sitting with master. One of disciple questioned his master, “Master, Everyone says that to find spiritual inner self one have to go alone in search of it. If it’s true then why are we all together here learning about Spiritual Enlightenment?” Master replied, “A tree…

Krishna Short Stories in English - Best Story About Complete Surrender to Krishna

Bamboo Plant and Flute – Krishna Story

Everyday Krishna would go to garden to show his love to plants.. And plants would respond with same love. One day Krishna quickly ran into through garden and went to bamboo plant. Seeing Krishna in panic bamboo plant asked, “What’s wrong Krishna?” Krishna replied, “I have something to ask you.. It’s very difficult to ask..”…

Butterfly Struggle Story - Inspirational Stories for Life

Butterfly Struggle Story

One day a man found cocoon of butterfly. He saw a small opening and set there to watch butterfly who was struggling to force it body through the hole. Man watched this whole process for several hours. After some hours butterfly stopped making any progress and it seemed like it reached it limit to put…

Teak Tree and Small Herb..!!

There was a proud teak tree in the forest. He was tall and strong. There was a small herb next to the tree. The teak tree said, “I am very handsome and strong. No one can defeat me”. Hearing this the herb replied, “Dear friend, too much pride is harmful. Even the strong will fall…

Two Travelers in Desert..!!

There was a big tree more than hundred years old located in the middle of a dry land. It gave rest and shelter to hundreds and thousands of travelers. The tree was located at the center of four different towns, act as a connection point of all towns and villages in the nearby area. However,…

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