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Nasrudin Hoja Witty Stories - Mulla Nasruddin Stories for Kids Funny Eng

Nasrudin Witty Reply Stories

Story 1: Hurried Prayer..!! Once Nasrudin was in a rush and quickly went to Mosque for evening prayer and prayed in a hurry and was gonna leave. As he was gonna leave one of the religious leader stopped him. Religious leader said, “This is not right way to offer prayer to God. You should start…

Nasruddin Hoja Stories - Funny and Witty Solution for Problems Stories

Nasruddin Hoja Advice

Once a neighbor came to Nasruddin with his problem and lamented, “I m really troubled. I have a small house and its getting difficult to fit my family consisting of my wife, three kids and mother with me in that small house. You are wise man. Do you have any advice for me??” Nasrudin replied,…

Nasruddin Hoja Stories - Short Funny Nasrudin Stories to Make you Smile

Nasruddin Hoja Short Stories

Story 1: One Way to Bring Joy..!! Once Nasrudin meet a rich man from another town. That man started talking to Nasrudin. Man said, “I am rich but i feel sad and miserable all the time. With all this money i went far away for traveling in the search of joy but i still haven’t…

Nasrudin and His Donkey Story - Moral Story about Pleasing Everyone

Nasrudin and His Donkey Story..!

Once Nasrudin and his son set out to market with their donkey walking beside them. On their way they passed by a bunch of people. Nasrudin heard some of them commenting, “Man has donkey which his son could ride easily and yet he is making his son walk all the way to market..” Hearing this…

The Boatman and The Scholar Short Story - Waste of Time Interesting Short Story

Mulla Nasrudin Witty Reply Stories

Story 1: Being a Nobody..!! Once Nasruddin went to a formal reception and seated himself on the most elegant chair. Seeing this Chief of guard approached him and said, “Sir, these seats are reserved for Guests of Honor.” Nasruddin confidently replied, “Oh, i am more than mere guest of Honor.” Chief questioned, “Oh so you…

Nasreddin Short Stories - Witty Reply Funny Short Stories in English Share

Nasreddin Short Stories

Story 1: Violation of Principles..!! Once a very famous philosopher was traveling and he came to Nasruddin’s village. He went to his home and after they both meet, philosopher asked Nasruddin about a good place to eat in his village. Nasruddin suggested him a place. Philosopher also wanted have conversation with Nasruddin so he Invited…

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